How To Discover Your Purpose In Life

That’s the million dollar question right there.. When it comes down to it, what people really want is not so much extreme wealth, fame, or even to find their soul mate.. What people want is a sense of true purpose.

A sense that their life meant something.

I once had the insistence that I was to discover my purpose in life.. I literally spent months obsessing about this idea of a grand purpose.. Something special that I was put here to do.

As a result of this insistence, I kept trying to of course, figure out what the hell that is!

I learned through a long and challenging process that my conclusion is that there is not a singular purpose that we must do, or should do.

No, our purpose really is to simply be as much of our true, authentic self as possible.  I know, it’s not as glamorous, yet I truly believe that is the case.

Sure, sometimes in doing that we may end up writing a famous novel, shooting a big movie, or creating a new and innovative invention of some sort, but I don’t believe any of those things can be accomplished without first becoming who we truly are.

Eckart Tolle said once, Everyone has 2 purposes, a primary and secondary purpose.

Everyone’s primary purpose is to awaken, which is just another way of what I was getting at.. becoming one’s true authentic self is to awaken, essentially.

The secondary purpose is how we express that authenticity. What do we do in the world..

However, and my own experience supports this, Mr. Eckhart was right in that we must first become out true authentic self prior to truly understanding what it is we would be most aligned with for our secondary purpose..

Years ago I believed I was destined to start a personal training facility.. so I did.. Later I came to discover that I hated having it!  It made me crazy.

I was also simultaneously really into growing medical marijauna, so I started a big grow operation, only later to discover that thought I enjoyed growing, having a huge operation was a horrible match for me.

The point is that I decided what I was to do in the world out of my ego structure… I realized I liked the image of someone who was a successful gym owner.. and also the image of one who is smart and rebellious enough to start a very successful grow operation..

The reality of actually doing those things did not align with my heart at all.

So, the message here is to simply focus on being yourself.

I know that sounds easy, but it’s a lot harder than you think.. A lot of what we think we enjoy or would want to do is really just a fabricated idea that stems from what we perceive would get us recognition or is based on things we were told we were good at.

It can be very difficult to see the truth of the matter.

That leads me to my next revelation..

Don’t worry about figuring it out right this moment.. See, one could make a case that starting that gym and grow op was a huge waste of time..

It wasn’t…. It helped me see more clearly exactly what I do and do not want. It led me on the path I am on now, which truly is doing what I love to do.. writing blogs, books, and creating content and videos that share my talents and knowledge.

I don’t need to become famous, as long as I am enjoying my life on a moment to moment basis, doing what is actually aligned with my hearts desires, I feel amazingly fulfilled.

I invite you to do the same.. Find out what you really love to do..

I like watching this guy, Tai Lopez.. he’s a very successful and highly bright entrepreneur and he once suggested that we perform 3 month experiments to discover what we are most aligned with, in terms of occupation, purpose, etc..

A few weeks or even a month is simply not long enough to get a clear picture.. and 6-12 months tends to be unnecessarily long and leaves less room for trying new things..

So, write down a few ideas and test them out for 3 months each.. Keep a journal and be open to the idea that you may or may not like it… At least you will know..

Finding your purpose can take some work, which is why most people never do..

They “settle.”

I was miserable trying to settle.. I created a successful enough gym that I could have just sat back and putsed around at my own pace for the rest of my life, but I needed something to fulfill me, something to drive me, and something that I would feel very proud of when it was all said and done.

If you are reading this, then you are the same way and I wish you luck on your journey..

But, remember, be true to yourself.. Discover who you are first…. and the secondary purpose will present itself when the time is right…

Oh, and if you are like me and hate waiting… Start running those 3 month experiments Today!

Best of luck,

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