Manifestation: (Not as Easy as You Thought?)

Have you ever felt so connected..hopeful..and CERTAIN that you were about to manifest something BIG?

And then… find that your life starts to completely fall apart at the seems…, leaving you in a physical, emotional, and mental whirlwind?

When this happens, it’s really difficult not to question the validity of, the law of attraction, and our ability to manifest things of our desire… right?

Many times we feel very elated, high, expansive, and amazing while setting forth out intension.  It feels like life really is magical, and at the time, we have no doubt that we will soon receive that which we have asked for.

As we all know, life is dynamic and what goes up, must come down.  Soon our positive vibe shifts and we find ourselves smack dap in the middle of our present reality that is so far from what we prefer, that our manifestation seems a million miles away.

What if I told you that you are actually, right on track?


YES!! It’s true!

I know the movie, The Secret said that, all you have to do is think positive thoughts and…poof!

I loved the movie, don’t get me wrong, but there is more to the manifestation equation.

Manifestation: (Is A 3- Part Process)

The move, “The Secret” mostly spoke about step 1, which is really a no brainer… Decide what you want…

Step #1: (Ask For What You Want)

Done.. now move on to step two.

Steps #2 and #3 require you to raise your vibrational frequency to match the reality you desire to bring forth into your experience.

Step #2: (Purge All Vibrational Incompatibilities)

This involves a purging of all vibrational misalignments within your being that are holding you down.

We often time, have…

  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes

That contradict our intended manifestation.

Even more annoying, many times, these are unconscious…

The symptom of your life falling apart is a way to bring your conscious attention to this vibrational dissonance within your being…

So, understand, it is a necessary step and that it’s actually a sign that the process is well underway.

It is the purging process that is experienced as potentially, extreme chaos and severe-breakdown.

This chaotic unfolding and unraveling of your life, prior to your manifestation is what trips most people up. In fact, I would venture to say that it is the #1 Biggest problem people have.

How To Handle The Breakdown:

Here’s the thing.. you can master this breakdown phase.  You can truly get to a point where it truly DOES NOT MATTER what the hell is going on in your life… because you will KNOW what it actually means for you.

You will understand the process in it’s wholeness and remain confident and zen-like throughout this phase of deconstruction. 

You want to manifest $1,000,000?

The universe says.. ok buddy, well…. you must discard.. this and this and this.. you must drop this and this and this.. let go of all this… etc.

If you are currently at a very different vibration than what you want, you will certainly go through a lot of chaos and breakdown prior to the realization of your desire. 

BUT.. it’s alright..

It certainly doesn’t mean, don’t shoot for the stars..

Not at all.

Go for it, because the more lofty your goals, the more life-experience mastery you will gain with the manifestation process.


This manifestation thing is pretty new to us (humanity)… Of course, it’s simply the law of attraction at work, but it is only recently that we have attempted to make this process a conscious one…

Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to go through the apprentice phase.

It’s a worthwhile skill to master!

Step #3 (Becoming A Vibrational match)

Where as, step 2 involved a letting go and purging… Step 3 is the opposite and requires you cultivate and acquire the…

  • Habits
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Life Situations
  • Relationships

That are germane to your desired, vibrational state.

The cultivation of these are much more enjoyable however than the breakdown phase…

You will easily be guided to anything that is necessary for them by your natural and organic EXCITEMENT…

If you feel inspired to go and call an old friend, or purchase a particular book, etc.. than do it!

Follow your Joy and go in the direction of your Bliss…

Your highest joy will act like a barometer for wether you are in the proximity of your ideal vibrational state or not.

Many times, simply by letting of the misalignments, you will by definition, immediately begin to exemplify these other qualities.

In Conclusion:

Understand we, as a species are all in the midst of very new territory.

We are new to the manifestation process.

We are like children going through grade school.

Sure, the college masters degree is in our path, but we have to go through the process of mastering all of the lessons first.

This is good though!

It’s exciting to learn new things, is it not?

It makes the realization of the prize at the end of the tunnel that much more satisfying, right?

So, go forth man..

Go after your dreams.. but.. don’t forget to enjoy the ride 🙂