Managing Spiritual Ascension- FATIGUE:

Feeling burned out a bit lately?

You’re not alone.

Central Nervous System Fatigue among awakening lightworkers is extremely common and to be expected.

However, you do have a lot of control over the extent that this… ascension fatigue… affects you.

I have been at this for over 8 years and used to get crazy bouts of this awakening fatigue.  I have always been super sensitive to the incoming higher dimensional energies.

In my experience though, I have discovered that I could actually minimize the fatigue symptoms by doing a few different things.

This blog covers 3 things that will help you manage and minimize the ascension fatigue.


Flying High Again

I love that song by Ozzy Osbourne, “Flying High Again.”

It now reminds me of the ascension symptom that I and many others, have experienced the most. 

Many times when we release a blockage from our being, what follows is a big opening. This opening allows for a high influx of spirit energy to flow through us.

The problem is…

We are not accustomed to maintaining that great of amounts of higher dimensional energies on a consistent basis. So as high as we get and good as we feel…what goes up… must come…

When you’re high, you never….ever wanna come down…




Boom! Guns N’ Roses…”welcome to the jungle”

So, even though that spirit energy feels great for us.. We feel so open and connected and inspired to take massive action towards our excitement… Soon our body’s run tired of handling all of that excitement and action.

This leaves us feeling…

Burnt Out

Our bodies eventually burn out. We experiences bouts of varying intensities of, CENTRAL NERVOUS FATIGUE.

It feels like we have no zip to our step, or oomph in our punch, no wind in our sails.

  • All movement feels labored.
  • Thinking is even exhausting.
  • The stress of having so much on our plate that needs attention and ZERO ENERGY to accomplish anything, let alone get up out of bed weighs us down even further.

Dude, I have experienced this so many times, you wouldn’t believe. I am so stubborn that I would, for years, completely ignore my body that was screaming to me… STOP, STOP.. just relax..go sit down buddy.

But, because I felt so good and almost, buzzed from the awesome spirit energy flowing through my being, it was difficult to came down. I wanted to keep moving because it felt so good.

This, ignoring of the signals, always led to what I described above.. Physical burn out..extreme fatigue.

3 Things To Help With, (Ascension/ CNS / Fatigue)

#1. Doing Nothing:

Sounds too simple right?

Well, I dare you to be a little honest with yourself, and I will do the same.

When I am feeling awesomely connected to my higher self, and am oozing motivation and inspiration to pursue one of my, inspired action, the most difficult thing for me to do is just lay down and do nothing.

I “want” to be doing… “I” want.

However, my body is telling me something completely different so for us lightworkers, it can be quite difficult.

However, over the years I have discovered that if I can make myself just lay down and not do anything, when I feel my body showing early signs of burnout… I can almost always avoid it.

If you catch it early, it won’t get too bad.

Just sit there and do, nothing.

No Meditation

No Visualization

No Manifestation


I promise if you do this for just 10 minutes, you will notice a big difference and sort of a, settling of your body’s energy.  You can almost feel and sense your body re-aligning itself and re-booting.

#2. Go For A Nice Long Walk Outside

Did you know that walking, physiologically, speeds up your body’s recovery from stress?

Walking stimulates a part of your autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with healing, rejuvenation, repair.

Not to mention, and I am sure you have already noticed this, being out in nature feels very good and calming for us.


It allows our consciousness to expand and as a result, our thoughts slow down. We essentially, get out of our heads.

All of that mental energy can cause us to feel very tired, in and of itself.

So, the all-star duo or walking and being outside in nature is a huge asset for dealing with almost any spiritual ascension symptom.

#3. Master Your Body

Learn to read the signals your body is sending you. Your body will always let you know…BEFORE… you are going to get a cold, feel run down, or experience really, any negative circumstance.

Some great ways to become more in tune with your body are…

  • Resistance Training
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Eating a Clean Diet

I talk a lot about these things on my fitness youtube channel… you can check that out HERE

I will leave you with this…

These ascension symptoms can be a big pain in the ass, I will be the first to admit.

However, what they imply is that you are finally waking up to your true, authentic, divine nature.  Meaning, you will be one who gets to play around in the earth plane, wide awake.  You will be able to construct your life to suit your preferences and get to experiences all things that you desire.

More importantly, you will KNOW.. and EXPERIENCE…true peace in this lifetime…

So, take your walks, rest when needed, and keep pressing forward.

Listen to your body and your intuition and you will be well on your way 🙂

Check out the youtube video I made on this subject, where I go into some more details about this topic…