Lightworkers: (How To Use Your Manifestation Powers)

All people are equally, “good” at manifesting…

Lightworkers, however are more conscious of their manifestation powers,  and have the potential to create the life they want…

Abundant in experiences that reflect their divine nature, which is, (pure awesomeness)!

Absent of experiences, representative of their conditioned, ego, aspects of their consciousness.

This article will help you become aware of your manifestation powers and more importantly, how you can use your natural, manifestation abilities to create the life-experience that you desire.

What is Manifestation? 

Simply put…

You get what you put out.

I know you have heard that before, but it’s literally, true.

You are always, beaming out into the cosmos, a vibration of energy….at all times…

In time, this energy grounds itself into your physical experience (manifestation).

The Problem: 

Most people aren’t, at all, aware of this fact, and therefor are manifesting by default… they are unconsciously, beaming out that vibration, which is a mixed bag of…

  • desire
  • fear
  • hope
  • worry
  • resentment
  • anger
  • frustration
  • love

It’s a big mish mosh, you see…

So, that is why people have quite an eclectic earthly life.

YOU….being a lightworker (one who is in the process of waking up to your greater self) are a highly, conscious person….(one who is aware of your thoughts, feelings, and vibrational state of being).

So, you have the option of controlling your earthly manifestations.

The Lightworker’s Potential: 

You are in the process of purging your dense, negative, fear-based energies, which are the precursor to any negative or unwanted experience.

As you continue doing this, your vibrational signal becomes more and more aligned with your core, natural, spirit, self, thus you will begin to color your world very brightly.

The whole idea is to allow the awakening/ascension process to unfold and as it does, allow all of these energies to release from your being so that your natural self is all that is producing the signal…your vibrational signal, devoid of the previous, negative energies that you picked up from your parents, teachers, and other influences.

As your vibrational signal becomes more pure and streamlined, your physical experience… your manifestations, will begin to reciprocate.

Your life…

The flow of your day to day experiences…

Will become MAGIC…



You don’t need to become magical, or get better at manifesting.

Simply, unload those skeletons in your closet and watch the magic happen.

Powerful Ways To Get What You Want:  

I use 3 different manifestation techniques…

#1. Visualization: 

Use your imagination to conjure up the images and experiences in your mind of what you want… Imagine yourself, already having those things or experiences.

Most importantly, try to conjure up the emotions associated with that experience.

#2. Affirmations:

Write down what you want and then recite it, out loud, multiple times per day, consistently.

This is very powerful.

The trick is…

Write them, in a way that states it as if you already have what you want…

So, rather than saying… “I want financial abundance.”

Say… ” I have financial abundance.”

#3. Allowance:

After putting out into the cosmos what you want… let go of the, (how).

Your higherself will guide you to the people, circumstances, and action steps necessary to get you that very thing, as fast as possible.

You will probably need to take action, but make sure it’s inspired action.  Don’t allow your mind to direct any of this, for it is not capable.

You Will Become AWESOME At This: 

As you allow this awakening/ascension process to unfold, you will become more in tuned with your higher self… your spirit self.

As you unload more and more karmic, energetic baggage, your vibration will become more and more clear.

As you practice these techniques you will… like anything, get better… faster at them.

As you see this working in your life, you will trust the whole process more and more…

This is just the beginning.

We are like children, learning to ride a bike for the first time…

In the coming years we will master the bicycle,

Soon after, we will be driving cars.

Riding in planes…

The sky’s the limit!