Manifest FASTER by Re-Awakening Your Visualization Skills

Visualization is possibly the most powerful technique for accelerating your manifestations.


Unlike other helpful methods like saying positive affirmations and self-hypnosis… visualization conjures up emotion.

Emotions are the real accelerators in the equation.

The movie, “The Secret” often spoke about how our thoughts turn into things… but, they also said that when you synergize your thoughts with emotions, it really puts out a significantly stronger signal into the cosmos.

By amplifying your vibrational signal of intent with emotions, you bring forth that which you desire, much much faster.

The good news is:

Visualization is easy… it only requires one thing…(your imagination).

The problem is:

Most people have no imagination…

They once did as small children, but like most adults, it went to shit at some point.

Our modern society leaves almost, no need for it.

You always here how children have such great imaginations. We could too!  The reason children are so good at it is because it’s one of our natural, human abilities.

However, like anything, if you neglect to use it, than you will regress in that skill.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to re-learn how to use your imagination…

This post will give you a simple, visualization technique that will reawaken your ability to use your imagination… and once you do…

Watch Out!

Your manifestation will go into overdrive, so you better make sure you are wanting what you ask for!

Re-Awaken Your Visualization Skills: 

The first thing to do is think about what you want to intend for… what do you want to manifest?

Be fairly specific here, the more you can streamline your intension, the faster it will come to be, if not mixed with other ideas that may conflict with your primary objective.

For our example, we will pretend you want to be driving a certain car.

The Visualization:  

Close your eyes…

Breathe deeply into the pit of your stomach a few times…exhaling nice and slowly.

Each breath feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of being.

From this relaxed stand point, start to “listen” to your inner silence.

There may well be a bit of background noise going on, but use your consciousness and listen for the stillness that lies beneath the sound... you will find it…

Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into your own inner silence.

From this relaxed state of being, now picture that car in your mind, as best you can.

*** In the beginning, you may not be able to conjure up the clearest images, but you will quickly get better at this.

What color is it?

Where is?  In your driveway, perhaps?

NOW…. imagine yourself walking up to it.

Imagine how you will feel when you first open that clean, recently waxed, perfect door and sit inside for the first time.

How rewarding will that feel?

How exciting is that?

What are you wearing?

What’s the weather like?  Sunny and 75 degrees?  Sounds nice 🙂

Let yourself imagine as many details as you can…

But, the most important thing…

Conjure up the feelings of actually accomplishing that goal of getting that car…

Try to feel what it would be like.

Once you are able to muster up those positive emotions, and charge them up and amplify them as much as you possibly can….

Come out of it.

Let it go.

Go on about your day.

Let the universe do it’s thing…

Do that every day and watch as your reality begins to shift and mold in a way that will quickly bring forth that car.

Use this method with anything.

But, as I said, make sure it’s something you really want.. .make sure it’s aligned with the ideal life you want, because you will get it!