Ascension Symptoms: (How To RELEASE FEAR Energy)

By now, most lightworkers and other awakening souls are well aware of how stifling and detrimental Fear is to their forward progress, ascension, manifestation of their dreams, and overall state of balance & joy…

We all know we need to let go of fear…


We hear that all the time…. “You must let go of fear.”

Okay… got it…

But… uh… ???

Ok so, how does one actually… let of their fear?

That’s where were at!

How the heck do you let go of this fear energy?

When I began my awakening, there wasn’t any real, down to earth, guidance for these basic, awakening tasks, if you will…

I have learned however…after 8 long years, how to quickly get rid of that awful fear energy.

One thing to note is that, essentially… Fear is a messenger.

Fear is aiming to let your conscious mind know that you are harboring a belief that is out of alignment with your true, core, self.

So… the whole premise is that we must discover what that belief is.

That’s really the whole idea of the awakening process, we are all going through..

To become aware of everything out of alignment with our true, core, enlightened self so that we can express, right here in our body, our souls presence.. uninhibited by the baggage we have accumulated while here on earth…

Understanding now that fear is trying to help you uncover a misaligned belief, makes the, nuts & bolts – process of ridding ourselves of the fear much easier.

In this post & video.. I have provided you with 3 easy techniques for letting go of fear energy – permanently.

3- Easy Techniques For Eliminating Fear Energy:

#1. Sleepy Time – 

That’s right.. just lay down somewhere and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

Hold onto the intension of discovering the source of the fear… Just ask yourself…

What is the true – source of this fear energy?   Higher-self, please assist me in uncovering it…

Then just drift off.

You will reach a sort of a, threshold that distinguishes your waking consciousness, from actual, full-blown sleep.

There is an, (in-between stage)…

Right when your thoughts start to drift off into dream like weirdness, and dream- imagery.

Your higherself has an easy time influencing these dream-like thoughts… and communicating guidance to you,

Wait for images, messages, etc. to come to you at this junction point, between being awake and fully asleep.

You will know them when the come because they will have a penetrating affect, and sort of wake you up…

These messages, that again, can come in the form of (images, dialogue, or feelings).. will be CLUES that will help point you to the source…

Your higherself, however, won’t just flat out tell you.. You must do the work, but it will help guide you there so you can have an easy time making the discovery.

NOTE- It might take a few times doing this, or a few different sessions, before you discover the source of your fear.

But once  you do, your hard work and efforts will be totally worth it.

It is in that discovery that eradicates that fear energy from your being, forever!

#2. Sacred – Pandora Radio Method-

You know Pandora radio is sacred right?

Haha, kidding!

Ok, seriously though, what I do is…

I hold the intension of discovering the source of my fear energy, just like with technique #1…

Then I allow my higherself to speak to me through synchronicity with the songs that come on the radio.

It might be a certain lyric that catches my attention, or perhaps the song title… Maybe a certain song brings me back to a past memory.  I just try to keep myself in a very open and almost, meditative state and wait for any synchronicity to occur.

If you allow yourself to believe that your higherself can in fact communicate with you through the music, it will!

It’s been very effective for me lately. It’s become my go-to method these days.

#3. Tarot Card Method- 

Another thing I will do from time to time is flip through a tarot deck…

I don’t have any real fancy techniques or formal education of how to use the cards, however.

This is because there is nothing special about tarot cards. They are just cards that each hold a particular and fairly, heavily layered meaning.

The trick is to allow the cards to speak to you.

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you flip the card?

Perhaps it’s the color, or the number, or even the actual meaning itself, which you easily look up on the internet if you are unsure.. That’s what I have to do 🙂

The key is, just like with the other methods..

  • Have a specific intension in mind (discover the source of the fear energy)
  • Be open to whatever comes
  • Flip enough cards until you have enough clues to draw your conclusion

If you don’t believe me, that ANYONE can use tarot cards..check out this video where I show you exactly how I do my readings.. You will see how incredibly easy it really is.

One last thing… and this is super critical, 

Even after you discover the source of your fear… because it had a certain amount of momentum going for it, it will come back a few times… almost as a way to try to trick you, for falling for it again…

All you have to do is remind yourself of your discovery, and re-assert to yourself that this fear is bullshit and you are moving on…

No longer, ACT from the fear, and you will have ridden yourself of it forever 🙂


If you can get good and fast at this, you will Awaken much, much, MUCH faster.