Manifestation – The Missing Link

The fact that concepts like, “The Law of Attraction” are becoming mainstream is very exciting!


if people started living from the perspective of…the full understanding that one does actually reap what they sew??

The implications are pregnant with possibility.

However… there’s a problem.

As with any new movement or collectively embodied perspective- shift…there are the initial misconceptions that prevent the full range of benefits becoming…  grounded.

Religion… in a sense was, mankind’s initial… pressing beyond the confines of their physical experience… into spiritual realms of possibility.

And with any first voyage into the unknown there are many times… misunderstandings and things, overlooked.

It’s no secret that there exists tremendous distortion, logical fallacy, and misinterpretations within all religion…

but that’s to be expected, because it was their first attempt.

We are seeing the same phenomenon play out a bit with these newer metaphysical concepts such as,

  • Manifestation
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Co-creating One’s Reality

Just as religion… with it’s many flaws, was still a great expansion for mankind…. So too, is “The Law of Attraction.”

My purpose of this blog post is to shed light on a few core concepts within the idea of, “The Law of Attraction” that could help it work faster and more smoothly for most individuals.

Manifestation: (The Missing Link)

On a mainstream level… many feel that one must simply focus their thoughts upon that which they desire and then it will just be gifted to them from the universe.

Now… in a certain sense, this is the case… but I feel that people are leaving out an entire part of the equation…

Perhaps the most important part…. the bridge… the missing link.

What actually grounds our thoughts into physical reality is…ACTION

Action on our part.

That’s the whole idea of us being here in the physical plane. It’s not so much to wave our proverbial wand and make things appear before us… No, for if that was our true desire, I don’t believe we would have chosen to lower our vibration and delve down into the dense earth plane, to do so.

The idea of the earth experience is…

To enjoy and revel in the journey.

The manifestations themselves are one and the same with the joyous- action we take in order to bring them about.

However, with many popular books and movies like, The Secret… which by the way, I’m a huge fan… but it paints a picture that I don’t believe is actually useful to most people.

Can one focus upon a Red Farrari and make it come to them in a magical and totally effortless way?

Yes… in theory.

Are there many people out there that can realistically…actually believe that to be true?


And the belief factor is also necessary.

The whole-hearted belief in something like that is far too much of a stretch for most people.

It’s actually faster to use the Law of Attraction a different way.

In the choice to embrace the earth journey towards a goal, we can flow with grace and harmony… totally content, on the journey.

The manifestation will still come in a very synchronistic way, but the experience of attaining it… and satisfaction upon receiving it will be MAGNIFIED due to the effort and hand we had into bringing it forth.

If we can learn to embrace the journey…. remain present in the moment… with principals of, “The Law of Attraction” in mind… we can ebb and flow through life… enjoying every second of our lives… rather than projecting our happiness into the ideas of future manifestations.

This is something I discovered, not too long ago  for myself…

I decided one day that I deserved and wanted financial freedom and abundance.

I declared that I was going to come into a large sum of money.

I used vision boards, positive visualization, and held the idea very strongly in my consciousness.

As expected… my world began to shift and mold itself around my desires and thoughts.

I began getting hundreds of synchronicities… every day, validating my intensions.

But along the way I discovered that my desire to just…come into money, was coming from a place of non-acceptance of where I presently was…

My goals were only re-enforcing my non-enlightened state of consciousness and thus, were not really serving me.

It was coloring my present existence darkly and creating only…deep longing for the future.

My spiritual growth slowed to a crawl and the fact was… I just wasn’t happy.

There was also the problem that I had built up so much momentum in the direction of this, slightly unexamined intension of mine that it became difficult to turn off.

It started to conflict and sabotage my other pursuits.

I realized I had made a big mistake.

However, it taught me just how powerful, The Law of Attraction really is, and to be careful what I wish for.

More importantly, it helped me sink deeper into the grace of the present moment..

To a place of…. alignment...

A place of peace and contentment..

Regardless of what was going on in my outer world.

I will leave you with a simple formula to bring forth the many exciting potentials of the Law of Attraction…

  1. Desire…(but be honest about the source of your desire)
  2. Openness…(be open to the way your desires will come to be)
  3. Willingness..( be willing to act when you feel inspired to do so)
  4. Trust..(trust that your higher guidance will string together all of your inspired action… though even potentially seeming to have no relation to eachother)
  5. Enjoy the journey…because the manifestation itself is just a fleeting moment in time…. but the journey, you will carry with you, inside of your heart….forever