You Made It! (July’s Energy Boost)

Congratulations man… you made it!

I have been going at this for a long while and July was one of the most accelerated months I have experienced to date.

I know I am not alone because I hear from you guys so much 🙂

We all deserve a big pat on the back.

I believe July’s intensity has died down a bit.

I am not suggesting we all feel necessarily amazing or anything… but it seems the rate at which the energies are being, “turned up” you could say… has ceased, at least…. a little.

Sometimes when this happens… even though we are happy to get a break…there can be a part of us that misses the action.

Sometimes…. even challenging types of action… at least in our minds can be more desired than… the lulls that typically follow.

Usually…. intense periods… though challenging…. are exciting… and many times do still contain an element of break throughs, new insights & revelations… and many times a whole new direction opens up for us.

This is so exciting!

Now however… I feel it’s a wise time to chill out and rest up.

I know.. sometimes… when there is a bit of a calm before the storm… we can get bored, impatient, and wonder if things are going ok.

We may not feel horrible… but certainly not our best… maybe a bit run down.. even though you might be sleeping plenty.

I always say, the process takes its tole on our body… quite a lot, and sometimes it is good to just linger around… neither moving forward or backwards.

I don’t know if you guys are into tarot cards or not…

In traditional tarot.. there is a card…. “The Hanged Man”

This indicates it’s a time to wait like a lion in the jungle…patiently waiting for the precise moment to pounce… that has yet to come.

It’s a time to gather sufficient data and see, with a watchful eye, how things play out…

A lion knows if it is to impetuously force action… it can blow it’s opportunity.

A lion is a master of timing.
Be the lion, when required..

Trust your ability to recognize perfect timing.

Wether you know it or not… you possess a masterful ability to recognize the precise moment to act.

Practice staying calm, relaxed, and alert in the meantime.

August awaits and will certainly test all of our mights… It will stretch us to new heights of consciousness just as every month prior has.

So, take this time to work on your lion or lioness qualities.

The time will come… probably much sooner than later… for that bold forward action into your new life that you crave…
that you feel to be so real… just on the horizon…



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