Ascension Energy – (August 2016 Update) Amazing!

The phrase...turning point… gets thrown around a lot…

August will give new meaning to that phrase… it will raise the bar for what it means to turn the corner.

We have been straddling… in a sense… and perhaps, literally…2 different dimensions for quite a while… 

This has been quite difficult because on one hand…. we weren’t quite ready to fully give into the 4th density way of living… which is all about faith… intuition…. living in the now… and going with the flow…

On the other hand… doing things in the conventional 3D way was not working either… you know… planning everything out… taking the practical, logical, and reasonable approach to things… 

Neither seemed to work for us… we had too much baggage to stay consistently, “in the flow”… and the new energy has been to abundant for us to have success in our old way of doing things…

This last 6 months seemed like a crisis point….where we felt confused because we had no idea what to do…

We were getting all of these mixed signals, and nothing seemed to be working.

Finally August is an opportunity… if you feel ready… to let go into the 4th density river…

You have the chance to truly transcend your old identity in a more noticeable way than ever before.

Finally… you will feel more supported in doing this.  

You may have tried to take that jump before but realized that it was a bit too soon psychologically and emotionally…. 

You just weren’t quite ready… It was too intimidating.

Things are different now… August is different, and you will have the support and growing confidence you need.

But… just like before… it requires  a great deal of faith & courage.

We all get these visions and dreams of how we want our life to be.

Yet, planning this out with a rational mind is no longer working out for us… things move to fast… change to rapidly, and whatever plans we conjure up that seem solid, end up breaking down as a result of the overwhelming fluctuation of the unforeseen variables. 

That’s ok though 🙂

There is a better way of doing things… 

You want speed?

You want to manifest very quickly?

That middle stage of plotting, planning, and trying to stay safe the entire time needs to be omitted from the equation.

Now, it’s about jumping when you feel guided.

Trusting that you will be provided with everything you need to make a safe landing.

Your life can flow beautifully when you can harmonize your intellect with the voice of your intuition which is finally getting louder and more clear.

Your higher self wants to help you get to where you want to go and sometimes it will suggest that you make a move that… the old part of you isn’t quite ready for….

But if you can take that leap.. it will prove to you… time and time again.. why it’s… (your higher self’s) advice is ALWAYS pure genius!

It will work out magically!  Every time!

Guys, this is a month where you can begin actually literally… living in accordance with your dreams… AND have success in doing so.

But… the bottom line is… the energy here now.. will no longer support the out dated ways of going about life… it will cause chaos anytime you try.

Don’t take my word for it… look at your own life.

Can you see situations or things you have been holding onto because it… makes sense… yet produces a knot in your belly… like something is telling you… “no more of this!”…. but you held on anyways because it seems totally crazy to let go?

How has that been working out for you?

I have had those instances in my own life and I can say that…

The more I have clung to things that… deep down.. I knew were destined to fade out…

The more… almost laughable amounts of unexpected and random problems I encountered… 

This month opens up the path out of… doing what makes sense…. to doing what feels right.

August is that bridge…. that transition.

The bridge might feel shaky at times.

We were so firmly planted and engrossed in doing things a certain way for so long… that there very well could be some trepidation in the beginning.

Expect that and accept it… go easy on yourself.

But… every time you take a divinely inspired step, in the direction of… who you KNOW yourself to be… you will find, that as you progress along that bridge… it will become more sturdy… more reliable… more shinny…. and beautiful. 

So much that at the end of the month, you may find yourself jogging on this bridge…


ECSTATIC!  … Filled like a ballon that’s about to pop…. with a child like excitement that you never thought possible to be experienced by such a tired and jaded adult.

We have all been waiting for a break, for….  a surge of positive energy that isn’t so damn disruptive and disorienting!

Welcome to August baby!

But it’s not a… break

It’s an opening that YOU have created within yourself… within your life.

And all you have to do is let go.. and it’s all yours 🙂




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