Why Is Everything Breaking Down? (Manifestation 101)

Have you experienced this phenomenon? (It’s quite common)

You feel really…REALLY excited about something… a new path you are on, perhaps.

You make a decision to… go for it!   You decide to jump in the river…. take that leap of faith…

It feels great!

You feel connected…hopeful…. and things go very smoothly.

You get tons of synchronicities… positive momentum… and you KNOW you are on the right track….

Then out of nowhere…

The momentum ceases… 

You start running into issues, problems, and complications that you didn’t foresee…

You wonder if that decision you made was in fact, the right one.

Now filled with self-doubt… you start questioning everything.

What were you thinking?!!

You think to yourself…  

“Man…. this, law of attraction nonsense is for the birds.”

Here’s the deal…

No, it’s not… and you ARE right on track…

Did you know that this sudden “Breakdown Experience” is…actually a GREAT sign?

This is indicative that your manifestation process is going beautifully!


You: What are you talking about Vic?!

You: How could this possibly be a good thing?

Here’s why that happens…

Perhaps, best stated in one of my favorite books… The Alchemist….

“Every search begins with beginners luck and ends with the victors being severely tested.”

 In the beginning… you get that confirmation to let you know you ARE on the right track.

Once you are firmly on that path… you attract all of the things that stand in the way of you achieving that goal or acquiring that manifestation.

These… “problems” are in fact blocks that… if not dealt with… would end up somehow sabotaging you in some way down the line…

Because you are such a powerful manifestor… you attract a whole bunch of them to you… all at once!

The initial experience is that of chaos and it does really appear that you have made a really poor decision…

But… once you deal with all of the issues on your plate, you will be able to reach your destination very quickly…

The acceleration of problems is a good thing and part of the accelerated manifestation process you are using…

So hang in there if you are feeling overwhelmed by complications, set backs, and “problems.”

Don’t give up before the miracle happens!

That paradise you felt so strongly in your body….prior to the complications… IS real and awaits you…. just on the other side of this temporary set of obstacles.

Have an amazing weekend!



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