3 – Tips To Navigate August’s Wild Energy

August has been all over the place…

Hasn’t it?

It’s sort of light… heavy… illuminating…confusing, and everything in between…

We are certainly in unfamiliar waters here, as we approach the fall season.

I wanted to share 3 – helpful tips with you guys that can help you with…

  • Staying Grounded
  • Keeping Up Your Faith – (Even While Feeling Self – Doubt)
  • Minimizing Your Physical Issues
  • Stepping Into The Unknown With Confidence 

Tip #1. – Trust The Present Moment To Give You Everything You Need – (It Always Does)

I know you may feel a sense of urgency to arrive in a future scenario or situation… You may be feeling pushed out of  a current situation or relationship.

That’s what I was implying with the… (confusion/clarity)…

On one hand, you may have a pretty good idea of what you want and where you want to go next… (Clarity)

At the same time, you might not have the slightest clue as to how that will come about (Confusion)

The new energy is teaching us how to stay in the moment….

How to do what the next obvious step is, WITHOUT the need of knowing the 10 steps after…

To be okay… and feel safe in the unknown… 

We are becoming more and more reliant on our higher faculties to guide us, step by step… to our desired manifestations and vibrational home base…

Yet our minds want to know all of the steps in between… 

And the fact that our higher selves tend to take us down very winding roads makes this even more difficult!

But… these seemingly unnecessary detours are actually helping us get what we want a million times faster than our little minds could ever map out…

More importantly…. 

This is all to help us relax and enjoy life… enjoy the process…

How can we enjoy life when we are always trapped in our heads?

At what point will we allow ourselves to experience happiness when we are always projecting it 10 steps down the road?

That is a dysfunctional, conditioned mind pattern that causes us to NEVER catch up to happiness… for it’s always just down the road…

So… allow yourself to make this transition… allow yourself to TRUST your higher self... which is a legitimate part of YOU… that can see your life from the mountain top… and by definition is in much better position to guide you…

Tip #2. Take care of your body… 

When you invest a little time each day for healthy food, exercise, and even perhaps some meditation… it helps you, 

  • Stay In A State Of Optimism
  • Stay Mentally Balanced, Grounded, and Clear (as much as possible 🙂
  • Experience Less Annoying Physical Symptoms

A few days ago I uploaded a video that gives you 5 ways to reduce your physical symptoms and care for your body during ascension….

==> CLICK HERE to watch…

Tip #3. Allow yourself to take a day off.

I will have a video about this coming out this week… 

You will likely have days this month that are sort of like…. “re-sets.”

These days will feel very, 

  • Boring
  • Unfulfilling
  • Listless
  • Slow Moving
  • And Your Body Might Feel Extra Tired & Out Of Whack

I know… on the surface.. this is no fun!

But… these days are like a calm before the storm… The storm meaning…

MASSIVE Break Throughs (FAST – Positive Forward Motion)

But the (re-set days) that come prior….feel so crummy and when you don’t look beyond them or know what they really represent… it’s possible to feel very hopeless and forlorn…

But.. those very (Re-Set Days)…. are actually a great sign!

And, no I am not just saying that with naive optimism… to lift you up…

It’s true!  Just wait and see 🙂

So… here’s the tip…

When these days come about…. take a freaking day off for once!

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to do NOTHING?

Take one, 

You deserve it…. 

I NEVER did…. The wheels up top never ceased and I drove myself CRAZY as a result.

And totally unnecessarily, I might add.

You will find that on these re-set days you won’t be able to accomplish anything meaningful or productive anyways…


Take a moment to look around…

Look…. I mean really look at what’s happening.

Look beyond the chaos and destruction….

Look beyond the pain and suffering that is now more obvious to you than ever…

Look through it.

There is a light…

A light is starting to peak through the cracks of our present reality.

This is the light of the divine and it’s only going to get brighter and brighter and BRIGHTER until that’s ALL you can see.

It’s here to change EVERYTHING.

It’s here to bring about a level of love, peace, and harmony that this planet has never seen.

And it’s NEVER going to burn out again…

And this light would not be possible for the billions of people, plants, animals, and living creatures on this planet without YOU.

That is how important you are…

Talk to you guys soon 🙂



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