New Moon & Solar Eclipse – (Golden Opportunities)

The time has never been more ripe and pregnant with potential. (Today is a New Moon & Solar Eclipse)

There exists within… usually the (3-5 days prior and after) any moon and especially an eclipse… a powerful window where you can allow significant and life changing transformations to occur.

And yet, most people miss these opportunities completely.

But not you!

So, what the heck am I going on about you wonder?…

I call it… “Being Triggered.”

We tend to get triggered a lot at times like this.

When you are triggered or emotionally provoked” in some way…

  • Somebody makes a snide remark
  • You get a flat tire on the way to an important meeting
  • You get a letter in the mail, maybe an unexpected bill or something

The way it could happen is limitless…. and irrelevant.

What differentiates being triggered from just another typical life challenge is how it makes you feel.

You know you’ve been triggered when…

  • Your skin crawls
  • Your emotions surge!
  • Your mind races – usually with some sort of defensiveness
  • You feel threatened, upset, angry,… pissed off!  ROYALLY

Another thing that helps point this out… but not always, is that often times the situation doesn’t match your emotional reaction.

Perhaps someone says something mildly and very subtly insulting, but you go NUTS on the inside.

Ever have that happen?

During your awakening.. that emotional storm is intense!


Now, these are the opportunities most people miss…

And, I can’t blame them because I missed them for a long time myself.

That’s why I feel compelled to tell you even though I suspect it will upset some people…

It’s very challenging for any human being to do what I am about to suggest, but like i said.. if you do… you will take your awakening to a very high level and be able to use these alignments to benefit you in amazing ways.

Most people, when triggered…. make a case, justify, and rationalize their reaction.

They quickly… (all in their head)… gather outside evidence to make sense of their feelings.

This is usually pretty easy because most of the time there IS, in fact, some sort of inconvenience or external circumstance that seemed to be the source of the feelings.

But.. it’s NEVER… and I mean never… about “what happened,” what the other person said… or have anything to do with the “circumstance” itself.

Many of you will say..


“Sorry Vic, you’re wrong here…. and here’s why….”

Case in point….

Opportunity missed.

This is difficult and humbling in the greatest sense of the word.

Taking responsibility for everything in your life… including when people say mean things… that’s never easy, and yet if you can get in the habit of doing that… you will be flying!

So, next time you are triggered…. do these 3 things and you can use the “circumstance” to have a…

Personal Break Through:

#1. Allow the initial feelings to settle down – Don’t set yourself up to fail by trying to do all this, while in the middle of the climax of all those crazy and wild emotions… just let them settle down…

Allow yourself the time required to chill out a little bit… Nothing productive ever comes from that intense, though fleeting emotional state.

Go easy on yourself… it happens to the best of us… just let it pass.

#2. Notice if these feelings resemble feelings you have ever experienced at other times in your life. If you look honestly enough, you will always find this to be the case.

You will also probably notice that they even came up in response to similar situations.

You will see a pattern.

#3. Sit with yourself… somewhere alone, perhaps at home in a safe and quiet space.

Try to go back in time and discover the very first time you experienced that similar situation with those same feelings.

Most of the time, it’s when you were young.  Not always though… but many times.

The idea is to see the connection between that initial incident, and the intense emotions it produced.

You will see that the first time this happened… it floored you… the intense emotions were a lot to bare and caused you to sort of… store them inside.

We tend to compartmentalize difficult events in our lives… and lock them away in our consciousness as a form of safety and preparation.

We, unconsciously think…. I NEVER want to be caught off guard like this again… so, I am going to tense up, so I’m ready next time.

Yet, that unconscious and chronic tension or inner contraction we now carry around like a led ball and chain is constantly emanating a vibrational signal that says….

“Bring me more situations just like the first one.”

With that sort of defense strategy, we are actually asking for more of the same.

Of course, it’s none of our faults… like I said, most of us are just little innocent children at the time.

But, now’s it’s time to let all that go.

And these annoying, provocative, and off putting circumstances are here to help.

These powerful astrological alignments (New & Full Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes, Solstices, etc)…. simply put… accelerate your rate of manifestation.

That’s why they always bring on both new and exciting things… and also a lot of “problems.”

But, when you can learn to give yourself massive breakthroughs in the face of these circumstances that trigger you (Golden Opportunities), than you aren’t really, in that sense, getting any problems.

Always solutions in disguise.


And… to avoid doing this…

By continuing to project responsibility into the outside world is to continue to hold on to the actual core cause.

Doing this…. especially at this time of transformation on the planet… will only continue to attract more and more… increasingly severe circumstances that produce those exact same feelings until we finally get the point.

This is precisely why some are suffering far more than others during their awakening…

If you can make a habit of always taking responsibility every time you are triggered.. than you won’t require anything drastic to send you the message.

Rather than being humiliated in front of everyone at a big party…. you may instead read an annoying comment on facebook that doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Rather than getting a flat tire on the way to a really important meeting… perhaps you are just stuck in a bit of traffic and anticipate being like 2 minutes late…

What matters is that you make use of those stormy emotions and discover the message attempting to be sent to you… from yourself.

But, this requires brutal self honestly, extreme humility, and a high level of self responsibility.

Your awakening is in your hands.

Your happiness and life situation is all in your hands.

Your life… is in your hands.

Scary?…. you bet!

Liberating?   Yes!

Once you get over the shock of such a notion, than you realize that your life is an empty canvas.

You are the Leonardo da Vinci that now finally possesses the inner freedom to paint your masterpiece.

So, what do you want to paint?

The sky’s the limit!

As one of my favorite authors once said….

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

-Napoleon Hill

Talk to you guys soon,



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