Ascension Hacks – (High Vibration Hot Spots)… a lightworker’s sanctuary

I recently discovered something so simple and yet so incredibly powerful!

Many of you guys know I have been spending time in my local cemetery, which of course sounds weird…

I do this because I live in a city and this cemetery is like a beautiful oasis of nature in this built up place I live.

The energy is wonderful.

Lately, I have been walking here and just spending time sitting quietly with myself… soaking up the good vibes.

I have noticed many benefits to this simple practice and in the video I talk about how you can have the same experience by seeking out the highest vibrational place (High Vibration Hot Spot) your area.

Doing this for me has been incredibly,

  • Grounding
  • Peaceful
  • Productive – (have had many inner break throughs and brilliant ideas!)

In the video I tell you about a silly child hood memory that just bubbled up to the surface for, during one of my visits and how this simple memory caused me to have a massive life breakthrough…

All because I gave my mind a break from absorbing information, and allowed it to relax and expand….

By finding the high vibration hot spot in your area you can accelerate and ground your awakening as well…

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