Ascension Energy – (September 2016 Ascension Energy Update)

Can you already feel the difference?

The energy is very different already, in the early part of September.

The word that pops into my head is, “Speed.”

But, not in an uncomfortable sense… not at all. (At least no more than we have grown accustomed to 🙂

What I mean is that the, rate at which we process through our awakening has been turned up, what feels like…several notches.

What does this mean for us in a practical sense?

Well, the simplest way I would describe this is…

You know how you can sort of, “feel” when an issue.. or something within yourself that is ready to resolve, release, etc… ?

You have that gut feeling, associated emotions, patterns and synchronicity, and life events that all transpire to assist you in illuminating this particular issue.

This process, I can remember taking years…. As of this past winter, it started taking a matter of months…

Now… I think you will find yourself sorting out things within your consciousness in a matter of days, perhaps hours.

That mixed bag of vibrational frequencies that we have been emanating will start to clean itself out with even only a little bit of your participation.

I mentioned in a recent video where I was able to literally sort out almost 1/2 a dozen life-issues, meaning, I came to a complete resolution of unresolved conflicts I have been carrying around, in about 20 minutes.

You can have this experience as well if you are willing to give yourself a little time to simply be with yourself, uninfluenced by external distractions, combined with even the slightest bit of intent and willingness to do a little self-discovery.

In doing this, you will find that your physical reality will reflect your own inner work more than ever before.

For example… when I was doing this the other day, I was laying back against a tree in my favorite nature spot, and each time I had an inner revelation, I would get a huge gust of wind and a flock of birds would zoom by.

So, that’s the fundamental difference you might notice this month, but because that’s so broad, I will break it down into 3, more specific themes as well…

#1. More DISTANCE – 

You will experience more distance between YOU and the character you have been playing in this current lifetime.

Your soul is trying to move in to your body, you could say… and it’s pushing out all of the clutter that your present incarnation has collected.

For what seems like the longest time, this felt like a really intense struggle where both were overlapping each other, causing much frustration, intense confusion, intense fluctuations of your perspective, and of course, everyone’s favorite… a lot of uncomfortable physical symptoms.

This is still going on, in fact, faster than ever, but you will start to feel your own energy more and more… you will start to feel less influenced by your wild and over-amplified issues.

#2. More CLARITY – 

You will simply see with far more clarity than before, how you tick…. Why you have done the things you have done…

It will become much easier to figure this out, where as before the process of this growing illumination about yourself lingered on for long periods of time…

It’s happening so fast now that, it will just become much easier.

You will be able to discern, with more clarity than ever, the stark difference between YOU & IT… “it” meaning… your false, ego construct. “You” meaning your true, authentic soul – self.

#3. More AWARENESS – (Of Your Role)

Something inside of me has been compelling me to say what I am about to say.

I have been apprehensive because I don’t typically do this.

However, It’s like I have a pressure inside myself and until I let this out, it won’t go away, so I suppose this is for a good reason….

There are going to be a lot of wild changes in the world coming up very very soon. (I feel very strongly)

You are going to see the awakening spill over into the world, it’s people, and everything… on a scale, like never before.

As this happens you will realize just how ahead of the game you really are.

The energies seem to be climaxing, to a point of no return.

There is no more hiding from them.

They are becoming too concentrated and everything is going to be affected in very noticeable ways.

These ideas have been talked about before… for years now, as if this time was just around the corner.

And in the context of thousands of years, in a sense,  it has been, but now it’s literally just around the corner, like in the next few months or even sooner.

What were talking about here is a mass awakening.

An awakening that you have chosen to experience.

An awakening that you have chosen to participate in by being a role model.

Do you remember how you felt when you first realized you were experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Do you remember how crazy that was for you?

Imagine a lot of people experiencing that all at once…. combined with a lot of people who are not ready being pushed over the edge.

When this happens within the consciousness of so many people…  it will be reflected out in the world, and on the surface it may look a bit nutty.

It’s like we are approaching the actual birth…

For years, the contractions have been getting closer and closer and closer together.

But now its time for that big push.

You… are like the nurses and doctors helping calm the woman… by saying… “it’s ok… you’re doing fine… just keep breathing…”

Some of you will be just like those doctors, for you have been going through this a while and are very comfortable with everything I just said.

While some of you may feel like the nervous husband… pretty scared yourself… but you rise to the occasion because you know you are in much less precarious position than the screaming wife.

Whomever you identify with doesn’t matter much.

You are ahead of the game and have much to offer even if it’s a simple comment of reassurance to the clerk at the grocery store who is in such turmoil that she has spilled her life to you.

Maybe in that moment, your soul comes through and you say something simple, calming, and reassuring to the clerk, transforming her perspective on all of it.

Don’t worry about what I said about having a particular, “role.”

It’s actually really simple.

All you have to ever do is be in the moment as best you can.

There is no need to prepare for anything, for when you’re in the moment, the right thing to say, do, or think is always very obvious.

Just continue to walk your path and let your life unfold… that’s all you gotta do 🙂

Have an amazing month everyone!

I will be in touch,



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