How To Find Your Life Purpose – (for impatient lightworkers :)

I suppose there are those rare souls who are fortunate enough to have their purpose fall into their lap with effortless grace.

I think a lot of people are waiting for such a time.

Not me!

I was…. and still am… far too impatient to play the waiting game.

I will tell you how I found mine, which I believe is a simple method that can be replicated by anyone…

Most people know me from my youtube channel… and would safely assume that  my purpose has a lot to do with that… and I would agree.

But do you know how many youtube pages I had before settling for this present one?

Me either!  I lost count.

Probably about 8 or so…

What’s sad is the fact that I had even more blogs!

You can see below how many website domain names I have… (You can see the second one down is my current one)

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.30.51 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.31.03 AM

So what does this tell us?

Well, all I can say is that… yes, I finally found my purpose, and yes, it was one of the greatest discoveries of my life… and yes, it brings me abundant joy, each and every day that only grows in depth and richness…


As you can see, it certainly didn’t fall into my lap.

What really happened is that I decided that I wanted to find it and more importantly, I went looking for it.

That’s how you find it… by putting energy, intent, and most importantly….ACTION  into finding it.

But I forewarn you…

It can be a ruthless process…

There were many times that I thought I had found it, only to discover that I was sadly mistaken…

And… it hurt… bad.

But… that didn’t stop me, and I trust that it won’t stop you either.

Because we both know that every setback, is actually valuable data that helps us hone in even more accurately to our desired target.

Anyways… here’s a simple formula that I picked up from another youtube person about finding your purpose…

This is the exact strategy I used, albeit in a fairly loose manor.

How To Find Your Purpose:

Find your purpose by conducting 3 month experiments…

Basically whatever you think might be your purpose… do that for around 3 months…

If you think you want to be a energy healer… than study everything you can on the topic. Perhaps seek out a teacher and see if you can ask them some questions. Really put your heart and soul into this field of study.

There’s only one way to find out… and that’s jumping in with both feet.

Why 3 months?

#1. Any less time, you really can’t dig in deep enough to see if it’s a right fit for you… Anyone can do just about anything for a couple weeks.. but a few months is plenty of time to be pretty solid in your conclusion wether this particular thing is… or is not.. right for you.

#2. Any more time doesn’t allow enough experiments…

You see… it took me starting 3 separate personal training businesses… and several medical marijuana grow businesses… as well as over a dozen blogs and youtube pages before I found mine…

So… the fact is.. at least in my experience, it can take a little while,  but if you can learn from some of my mistakes, it shouldn’t take you nearly as long as it did me…

I ran each gym business for at least a year each… and one of which I had for almost 3 years.

IMG_2957It doesn’t have to take you years.

With the energies ramping up the way they are… regardless of where you stand in your awakening process… If you find that you are very badly wanting to discover your divine mission or purpose… I bet you do much sooner than later.

Where To Start?

Start doing whatever is the most exciting thing you can possibly think of… regardless if you feel that it’s unrealistic.

I loved growing weed and physical fitness, so that’s why I conducted a lot of experiments with those niches.

I wanted freedom from the 9-5, so I ended up trying to run businesses…

Simply examine what you want your life to look like, and what you enjoy doing the most… and get creative.

You can turn just about any hobby or passion into a business these days.. (Not that your purpose has to necessarily be your career)

Especially all the cool spiritual stuff… that’s all becoming increasingly popular and we all know there will be a massive demand for it in the very near future…

Whatever suits your fancy.

You would not be given the gift or passion if there was not an audience, customers, or people who can benefit.

Sometimes, your purpose, ironically has to do with something you struggled A LOT with, throughout your life.

I made a video about this a few months back actually…

The Most Important Thing – (The Law Of Attraction)

Like anything you wish to manifest, especially something as grand as your divine purpose… you must put consistent focus and intent into it… for a sufficient length of time.

If you do this… and can handle the set backs… the zigs and zags on the route to your desired outcome…

It’s impossible for you to fail.

You ALL have a purpose…everyone does…

Only a fraction actually find it though…

But lucky for you…. you are one of the people that fall into that minority!

Sometimes it just takes the willingness to go out and try a few things to make this amazing discovery.

I thought the idea of a life purpose was a bunch of crap.

It hurt so bad when I thought I had found it, only to discover I was mistaken, that there were multiple times… I tried giving up.

Fortunately, your purpose wants to find you!

And once you start after it… IT won’t leave you alone.

In Conclusion…

With all that said above… above all else… honor your own path and timing.

If you are barley making it through the day and finding a purpose seems like massive undertaking that you simply don’t have any energy for, thats ok!

It’s always ok 🙂

You’re an eternal soul, just playing around here on earth for a little while and there is never really a need for urgency in anything.

However, I do know that a good percentage of you lie awake at night feeling like something’s missing.

Feeling like you were put here for a special reason and are dying to find out what that is.

All I can say is that once I started doing exactly what I suggested you do… I fount it in a relatively short amount of time and my life has never been the same.

It’s almost like I could separate my life into 2 sections… Before this grand discovery and after…

I want the same joy and fulfillment that I get each day… for YOU… because I know it’s possible and I know you deserve it.

So, what are you waiting for?

What’s your fist 3 month experiment you intend to do?

I’d love to hear about it 🙂




PS.. Here is my latest video on the topic of finding your purpose…