Getting Sick (A LOT) During Your Awakening…

My entire family is sick.

Growing up, my mom coddled the heck out of me anytime I had the slightest discomfort and consequently, I have always been a huge baby anytime I would get sick.

So, when I began experiencing cold/flu like symptoms just about every other week, for the span of several years, due to my awakening… you could imagine how I handled it.

It is only now that I can finally, almost get a bit excited when I feel this way, simply because I see the connections with more clarity.

Sickness means 1 of 2 things…

It’s a sign that we are doing to much… pushing ourselves out of alignment with our true self in some way, and the illness will cause us to question why… there for, ultimately leading us to a solution that will improve our lives in some way.

Or, it means we are going through a massive energetic upgrade and simply undergoing a cleansing of sorts, leading us to possessing a physical vessel more equipped to handle more “soul-energy.”

Which translates in practical terms to us walking through life with higher consciousness, which literally, improves all aspects of our lives.

I never had anyone to bring to my awareness, these positive correlations however…

All I really knew was that I was going through some sort of spiritual transformation, and evidently it required me feel sick all the time.

So, I had the attitude of victimhood, and longing for a future time where I would not feel such a way.

Those common reactions to adversity of course, only amplify and prolong such state of being, and if we get carried away, we actually attract more illness to us simply because we are resisting so much.

In retrospect, I think that was the case for myself, as I said, I didn’t handle it very well.

So, as you might have gathered, the purpose of this email is not to tell you a secret for skating through your awakening, avoiding the common challenges.

Rather, it is to invite you to look at…. to define your challenges… (like getting sick)… in a vastly different light than most people.

You might be surprised at just how much your definitions influence your experiences.

As I said… yes, I have a cold… and it might affect my workouts, which I never like, and we are supposed to be going up north in a couple days… I have some videos to shoot…etc.

The old me would be whining up a storm at this point.

But… now… in this case, I am actually excited!  Truly!

Even you guys might not believe some of the things happening to me at this moment…

Very exciting!  Very big things happening right now with humanity.

Getting sick is just more evidence of the degree and speed of transformation we are going through.

And in that light… I can wake up sick AND happy 🙂




PS… I will be going up north soon so hopefully you can enjoy some really pretty backdrops for next week’s videos 🙂

PSS… Thank you all so very much for the love, support, emails, messages, likes and comments to my videos and facebook…

Last night I was curious about a good (Like/ View Ratio) to be shooting for, for my youtube videos….

and the ratios I am getting… which I credit equally to the kind hearted people watching as much, if not more than the content itself… is amazing.. The stats that the videos are getting are like 5X what most people would be thrilled with!

So thank you again.. for your Likes & Comments are so incredibly helpful… not only for me, even though they are… but for helping spread the message to others just like you….

Have an amazing weekend… I’ll still be checking in 🙂

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