September- Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (ENERGY UPDATE)

On Friday we have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

I would be surprised if there is a single one of you who hasn’t been feeling this already.

You… as a sensitive energy being… literally… feels the approaching of important astrological alignments.

You’re that sensitive and perceptive.

You’re that powerful.

This alignment may require you call forth that power as the degree of transformation we are all undergoing, at this unique time is massive!

Many of us… especially sensitive ones like you… are going through a lot right now.

You are going through a lot right now because you chose to experience the transition in this way…


It is my wish that by reading the following (Energy Report) which I have broken down into 3 different themes, you will feel armed with sufficient knowledge, understanding, and motivation to go forth… the energy rockstar that you are!

3 – Primary Themes Of September’s Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse:

#1. Old Habits You Can’t Shake – 

This is an interesting phenomenon…

Have you ever experienced yourself acting out behaviors… fully aware of where they will lead – (somewhere you don’t prefer)… and yet, still do them anyways?

It’s like, for a period you wake up in your own dysfunction and addictive or compulsive patterns. You think to yourself… “Wait a minute!  I know where this is heading.”

You will see with such clarity just how bad these habits or behaviors are for you… your life… and higher aspirations… and yet the pull and momentum of them is just too strong.

You do them anyways!

And then you get really mad at yourself because your predictions were accurate, and the consequences were in fact, negative and undesirable, just as you foresaw.

“What the heck is wrong with me?!”

You ask…

Don’t worry 🙂

What you are experiencing is the… “beginning of the end” of those habits, behaviors, or tendencies.

You must first see with that deep clarity how wrong they are for you before you can derive sufficient motivation to simply stop doing them.

We all exhibit habits, addictions, or unhealthy behaviors because there is a small part of us that sees a benefit to it.

It could simply be you want a  break from life, and are willing to put up with the future consequences for even a brief reprieve… right now.

However, as those consequences amplify, stack up, and burn you a couple times… you will finally KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt that, under no circumstance are they in any way beneficial to you.

Your temporarily, amplified – negative manifestations combined with that heightened awareness, though a pretty uncomfortable and frustrating experience… is in fact the key for you to make that liberating decision to transcend those worn out behaviors and patterns, a no brainer.

#2. Major Completions – 

In some way, within in your life… I would imagine you will be able to have a noticeable sense of completion.

For me this is huge… It’s like this period is a completion, not only for the entire year and energies of 2016, but for, what feels like my whole life.

Many of us are preparing to step into a level of freedom and empowerment… firmly grounded in our soul’s presence and energy, so much so, that your life up until now  may begin to feel like a past life… and your future might feel like a brand new start in all ways for you.

This moon is jam packed with an epic degree of release… somehow combined with an epic sense and even tangible representation of completion.

A true, notable turning point in your life is in the process of unfolding.

#3. Releasing Heavy Emotional Baggage – 

I know right now, many of you may feel out of whack in many ways.

  • Emotionally sensitive – (Irritable, Anxious, Nervous, Fearful, etc.)
  • Physically purging – (Illness, sinus infections, colds, aches, pains, fatigue, basically some sign or signs that your body is cleansing and upgrading itself)
  • Lost In Your Ego- (Sometimes we can get so temporarily immersed in our ego self, so deep into our own karmic and energetic issues that we feel lost and trapped)
  • Mentally Exhausted – (Struggling to keep up with your already fast paced life, that seems like it still continues speeding up)
  • Spiritually Disconnected – (Similar to the point above, you may feel like you are having difficulty aligning with the part of yourself that makes you feel a sense of faith, optimism, and courage)

These are all symptoms that you are… first bringing up…. temporarily re-experiencing… and finally… releasing – FOR GOOD! – huge amounts of your,

Emotional, Energetic, and Karmic Baggage that has been slowing and weighing you down this entire time, but only now you are hip to it and there for, finally transcending it.

Practically speaking… this can be…

  • Emotional reactions to certain situations that have been a theme in your life.
  • Emotional pain that leads to some of those addictive and unhealthy behaviors mentioned above, conflicting with your future goals and plans.
  • Self – doubt, Self – criticism, Self – loathing… (Very uncomfortable and unproductive emotions that can keep you from moving forward)
  • Any other form or representation of something you have been lugging around that needs to be released so you can move forward and emerge the person you know yourself to really be.

I know all this sounds very yucky!

The experience of all of this can be quite intense.

However, know this…

ANYTHING you are feeling right now.. that you don’t like

Means this…

It’s not really you… not really who you actually are.. and there for, is in the process of being released forever.

All of that -(energetic baggage and associated symptoms and manifestations)… I mentioned..

Is on it’s way OUT of your body & life… forever.

Know that…

The juice is worth the squeeze 🙂

And those “Popeye” forearms you are packing are squeezing out every last drop…

How To Navigate These Energies…

Simply remember that you are a MASTER transformer…

An energy master that is so proficient that you have the ability to call forth enormous amounts of your ego and release it without losing your mind, like most people in your shoes would.

You understand that for every difficult experience, there will be 10 X more positive ones in the mail.

You know that you are in the process of waking up out of everything about yourself and your life that you don’t absolutely love!

You are allowing your perception to be heightened so much that you can detect any and all shreds of misalignment within your consciousness so you can carefully pluck them out.

Your surgical precision is amazing!

Your progress has been incredible… (take a moment and look back over the last 9 months)

We all tend to focus on our current problems (rather than hold them in the proper context of our whole lives) which can make it seem like we are not advancing… but that’s simply not the case.

Mentally highlight all you have accomplished… how far you have come and how much you have transformed thus far.

How do you navigate these energies?

I would be interested in what you have to say… for YOU are already a master and have been doing so amazingly well that you could be writing this blog post.

You.. are the guru.

And right now you are earning your stripes.

You are a huge asset to humanity wether you choose to teach, heal, help… or simply BE…

Your mere presence… a higher vibration individual is so catalyzing and transformative that I can’t type any combination of words that could even begin do you justice.

What you actually are and represent is the epitome of transformation, transcendence, and transfiguration.

That is what you are all about and that just so happens to be exactly what this planet needs right now.

I for one, can’t wait to see all of you blossom in the coming months.

Remember your power… which is all you’ll ever need.



PS. I send you my love, gratitude, and deep appreciation to everyone of you…

Namaste ~

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