3 – Quick Tips For Managing ANY Full Moon

Hey everyone, 

I want to give you 3 quick tips for managing yourself during ANY full moon, or other strong astrological alignment, since this one today is so potent…

#1. Expect Nothing – 

The reality is that many of these powerful alignments can cause you to have epic breakthroughs, life changing epiphanies, and feel totally at one with yourself and the universe…

That is always a possibility.

They can also make you feel like you are running in the mud, zapped of all of your vitality, worried beyond belief, and barley holding on…

And anything in between…

Many times you will fluctuate between these extremes many times in one day!

It’s best to just go with the flow and TRUST that whatever your experience happens to be… it’s what you need to benefit your, overall life experience to the absolute fullest.

#2. Create A Full Moon Ritual – 

I am doing this tonight actually.

My family and I had a very rough first camping trip… Rough in the sense that it was jam packed with challenges and learning experiences.

However, we are excited to apply what we now know and give it another go.

I am especially excited to be able to sit outside tonight under a clear sky, with a clear sober mind, and simply revel in this powerful full moon that will be lighting up the sky.

No matter what life brings me today, I know that I will be able to sit and gaze at this beautiful and massive full moon, either thanking it or cursing it under my breath 🙂  Either way, ill be there!

What are you going to do?

#3. Highlight All You Have Accomplished This Cycle – 

These days we come a long way in only 30 days.


Sometimes I feel like I have lived 20 lifetimes in only 30 short days!

It’s such an unfortunate and self-destructive habit that most of us have… constantly dwelling on our mistakes, failures, and problems.

However, outside of those learning experiences, I am sure we can look back and see a lot of growth, progress, and accomplishments.

I challenge you to write down 5 things that you accomplished this last 30 days…

Take a minute to simply dwell on that for a minute… it will help put your life in a more accurate perspective.

Perhaps even creating a little joy and gratitude in a moment that would normally be filled with worry…

That’s all for tonight…

I wish you all a very transformative full moon this evening 🙂

Talk to you soon…



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PSS. Tonight I’m uploading an “Ascension Q & A” video…

I know it’s been a while and I explain why I don’t do them every week anymore in this upcoming video… but I know you guys like them so I have a nice long one coming tonight 🙂

Take care everyone!


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