Ascension Symptoms – (Intense IRRITABILITY)

Have you noticed that you get a bit edgy when a Full or New Moon approaches?

Would you agree that labeling this sensation… “a bit edgy” is the understatement of the century?!

You’re not alone.

I felt this a LOT this last week and especially, the day of… our recent Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…

This pulsating, present, and physical irritability is interesting because it seems to just… well up inside us, initially unprovoked by outside circumstance…

However, in us walking around through life, with it… as we all know… a vibration like that will only call forth situations and circumstances that reflect it… ie.. (Stressors!).

Yet, due to the fact that we are already… WAY… on edge.. we deal with them very poorly, and only increase our irritable state of being.

We eventually admit that we are perhaps perpetuating this cycle of agitation & agitating instances, but because we are so lost in it… we simply can’t do anything about it.


Fortunately, this passes… and we return back to base line… hopefully not with too much damage.

What the heck is the reason for this madness you probably wonder?

How on earth is this, “out of control tension” in any way, helping our spiritual growth?

I asked this question myself… (every time I experienced it, which was many)

And to be perfectly honest… I don’t have a definitive answer.

I have however come up with a hypothesis that has helped me deal with these trying times…

Simply put, I sense this phenomenon is merely a fleeting symptom… a physical manifestation and indication of a vibrational jump we are making.

Sometimes it feels like our vibration raises up faster than we are used to and it just takes a few days or so for our body and life to match it, hence the symptom of feeling irritable.

Remember… our vibration changes before our life experience and reflection.

So, if we go through a jump, which often happens during a powerful astrological alignment, like last Friday’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse… than there is a lot of catching up to do… and we simply feel this in our body as tension.

It’s not a sign we need some anger management or anything like that…

It’s a sign we are taking a big energetic and vibrational leap.

Okay… so what can we do about it?  How can I manage this?

Well, I would love to be that go-to source for solutions to every ascension related issue, but in this case, once again, I am falling short…

Here’s my experience… (And I think it will help you)

I have attempted to address this, because I have kids and don’t like to be  wound so tight around them for obvious reasons…

So, I have experimented with doing more yoga, long walks, and meditation. (My typical go – to routine for managing my ascension symptoms).

And… on those walks and in the meditation, I would feel noticeably calmer..  and overall, much much better.

However, the second I would be confronted with even the slightest inconvenience… AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

That tranquil state of being that took me 60 minutes to cultivate – GONE!

Ironically, this would only enrage me more!

Punch, Kick…. Yell! etc….

With that said…

This edgy cloud does have a silver lining…

After a decade of insanity, finally I did lear ONE THING about these periods.

I have learned how to make them shorter in duration.

The idea I mentioned above… about us perpetuating them with negative thinking and pessimism.

It’s true, that does happen.

But, he cycles, themselves don’t normally last very long.

However, due to our own reaction – (resistance) we have the potential to extend them because all of the fuel we add.

Fuel as in – (Negative thoughts, Victimhood, and any other form of Inner Resistance)

Again, I am not claiming that… not adding the fuel is necessarily easy, but we can and often do, get a bit carried away.

In fact I started writing this very blog post because I felt this exact way last night.

We are currently on another camping trip.

For those of you who don’t know..

“We” = (myself, my wife and… 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat!)

All in a little camper.

I admit that my aim to create harmony in this situation is a bit naive.

I still have hope!

However, it may take more tweaking than I would prefer.

So anyways… last night, as you could probably predict… being only our second trip together in this situation was just as chaotic as the first one…

As I mentioned, I was feeling that primordial, ascension symptom of intense tension, which didn’t help…

However, as I awoke this morning.. I knew that the tension, at least the ascension related symptom… was pretty much gone, but I was so resentful that my evening didn’t go as planned that I stubbornly wallowed in a little self-imposed funk/pity party.

The cycle of intensity had ceased, and yet due to my own lack of acceptance and choices… I continued to suffer with depression and irritability.

Fortunately, I have you guys to wake up to! – so it didn’t last long 🙂

Just reading some of your comments and all the love, pulled me right out of that funk.

However, in the past…

I would EXTEND those periods of ascension induced tension and irritability…  for MUCH longer periods of time because I was resentful that they happened in the first place!

So.. .the take away here is this….

Remain conscious enough to perceive when the “Ascension Tension”… fades away.

Know… it typically doesn’t last very long at all.

Once you feel it shift…

Snap out of it!

Let it go… move on….

Do something you enjoy… meditate… yoga…. anything you enjoy that has helped you lift your mood in the past…

Do it at this point when you can sense the energy lifting, and this time it will work, and you can move on very easily.

Most importantly, as is the case with many of the symptoms of your awakening…

Accept them…

I know it’s difficult because many of them are so annoying, but I know we can all agree that resisting them never helps and only serves to amplify them.

Eckhart Tolle has a quote that would always help me…

It’s so simple, but so true….

“The present moment is as it is… make friends with it.”

Meaning… say YES to what is… simply because it is what it is.

Even a very frustrating situation or circumstance that would drive most people nuts can be experienced as neutral if we can simply… not put forth any inner resistance to it.

At the same time… and in going with this train of thought…

Accept that you are still in the process of learning to do this consistently.

These bouts of intense irritability are like a lesson of tough love from the universe…

If you slip up, freak out, spazz out… oh well… you’ll get em next time… wether you have a good day or not… overall, you are all progressing beautifully.

As I said.. I am not perfect… far from it… but I am light – years ahead of where I used to be.

And so are you!



PS… These bouts of intense tension, sometimes come and go randomly within a day or weeks span.

For me.. I felt this off and on this past couple weeks or so, and if I was like I used to be… it would have been 2 straight weeks of insanity… but because I have become better at moving on more quickly… I experienced many amazing moments, even within this intense period we have all finally made it through.

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