September 2016 Autumn Equinox – (ENERGY UPDATE)

September has already been a tremendously transformative month, and we aren’t even done yet!

On thursday, September 22, we have the Autumn Equinox which brings with it, more powerful waves of Ascension Energy that most of you can probably already feel now.

Many of you are probably thinking…

Enough is enough!

We just went through arguably the most powerful energy transit all year with the recent Full Moon/ Eclipse, with hardly anytime to recover, and here we go again!

That’s right!

It is time, yet again to shed more of our skin, further illuminating the brilliant light that we all are.

Similar to the recent update I did, the present energy is very multi-dimensional in nature, so I will again, break this energy report up into segments…

September Autumn Equinox – (Energy Reading) – 2016

#1. Racy Thoughts – (And Why This Is A GREAT Sign)

Nothing has changed about your thoughts or their speed...

Your thoughts have always been streaming…

  • With this speed
  • With this content
  • With this degree of dysfunction

The difference lies within the change in your perspective of them… the change in the consciousness viewing them.

The difference lies within the change in your sense of identity… transitioning from the perspective of YOU… being…those thoughts… to the ONE… who witnesses them.

The fact that you might be feeling appalled by the content of your mind that is surprisingly (neurotic, defensive, and paranoid)… is a GREAT sign that you are in the process of making this shift towards a far more enlightened state.

The experience of this shift can make it seem as if the speed and egoic nature of your thoughts have been greatly amplified, but rest assure that it’s simply an illusion and in reality, you are in the process of transcending your ego all together.

The benefit of this shift in practical matters implies you will become very HAPPY!


#2. Emotional Transcendence – 

Finally, you will be able to put down the weight of heavy emotions that you have been lugging around, that were never yours to begin with.

We like to think of ourselves as rational… reasonable… and intelligent beings…. (of course we are) but…

Studies prove this time and time again that the decisions we make, both big and small, are largely influenced, not by our logic, rather our emotions.

So, you can imagine the detriment of unconsciously burdening ourselves with heavy emotions… that aren’t even ours.

No biggie… because it’s your lucky month!

These waves of ascension energy, as combative as they may first feel, are providing you with the awareness and ability to recognize the foreign energies and emotions… leading to the transcendence of them.

This of course implies… a degree of emotional and life FREEDOM that very few who walk the earth have ever felt.

You are in the process of accomplishing this endeavor that typically requires countless LIFETIMES for most.

So, what the heck do I really mean when I am saying… “emotions that are… not yours?”

I mean that quite literally, actually.

You may already be noticing that the emotions you have, perhaps been feeling as long as you can remember, on a regular basis are the same emotions your parents, or any other big influence you surrounded yourself with as a young child, have felt.

They acquired those emotions for their own reasons… and you picked them up… absorbed them, because as young, impressionable children, you are very “open.”

For example…

My father lost his dad when he was only 10 years old.

At 18 he was drafted and fought in Vietnam… he was in some of the most heinous battles. (if you ever saw the movie with Mel Gibson – “We Were Soldiers.”) – thats what he did…

My dad goes through life terrified of something bad falling into his lap… always on the lookout for the next random tragedy.

And so do I… as I am now realizing.

This connection has been made easy by the simple tip that I always suggest to people, which is to always question “why” when you have an emotion or experience that you don’t prefer.

I was getting these vivid dreams of my son, Lukas, tragically dying, along with the erie frequent synchronicities of – Warning!

I never realized how many household products have scary warning labels on them!

My attention has been drawn to that message a thousand times per day… and combined with the dreams, and my own intuition & self-inquiry… I drew this conclusion, which resulted in the discovery just as I have mentioned.

Those emotions of fearful anticipation of a worst case scenario… aren’t mine! – they are his.

This simple cognitive connection brings with it an actual experience of emotional transcendence… a physical sensation of a lifting… a lightening… a releasing of stale energy…

Emotional Liberation.

This is the potential for all of you…

Some will do this quickly, and some of you may take a little time, for we are all at different places in our awakening… but the potential for this emotional transcendence is now a potential and eventual guarantee for all of you.

#3. Material Expansion – (and a different outlook)

Many of you are in the middle of breaking through in some way, on the physical plane… Either in the process of doing so, or plan to go in a new direction in life that brings a lot of excitement and joy.

Yet, you are also realizing that any material gain, or general improvement in your outer life is meaningless and also impossible to achieve without the internal serenity to match.

So, you may be realizing that what you really want is inner freedom and joy above all else…

And yet in shifting your goals… or at least including this inner component into your intensions and desires, you will be able to make both possible.

#4. Big Dreams – 

A deep part of us has very lofty dreams (almost to the point that they seem too dream-like, or unconventional).

That is the “soul” part of us waking up within our body and physical life…

Yet, there is the remaining physical personality and emotional body that is still somewhat present and this causes a bit of an inner battle.

This is why sometimes you feel supremely confident about your ability to manifest these lofty dreams and aspirations and then, out of the blue, the next day you can wake up filled with doubt and insecurity about the same things.

The latter may be the dominant state now because we are on the tail end of Mercury Retrograde.

But, this will soon pass.

Simply KNOW that all of the changes you wish to implement, many of which are insights gleaned over the recent few weeks… you WILL.

I know it may feel like, you have racked up so many things you would like to do… things you feel you should do… in order to bring yourself closer to your ideal reality… and might be growing impatient that you seem to be constantly battling with this powerful energy and emotional upheaval.

It can feel like there is to much to do and you are falling behind, wondering where to begin and when your mojo will return.

That’s Mercury Retrograde for ya…

If it’s your first time consciously going through this energy… you are probably feeling really uptight, but… trust me when I say this…

The energy will shift, and when it does… watch out!

You will feel so productive, efficient, and expansive that your body will hardly be able to keep up!

You will marvel at just how fast… and easily & joyfully you will be able to bang out the massive to-do list you are carrying around.

It’s always a fine line…

Many times it’s most wise to take imperfect action… but times and energy like this – Mercury Retrograde… especially the front and tail end of it… it’s a time to gather things and ideas to add to your to-do list… rather than act on what you already have.

Like I said.. you may have so many objectives on that thing that you are anxious to get cracking at it… but be patient.

The time will come… and it will be strikingly obvious to you.

Once this happens you will feel more predominantly confident that your dreams, as big as they are… WILL manifest, and YOU will be the one to bring them about, in joy and passion… by the simple accumulation of your, “inspired action.”


Simply understand and accept that you are in a transition.

We all think we want this to all be over and to get our lives back right now… Me included.

However, that’s not what we really want.

If you could see just how valuable these shifts that we are experiencing are to the entirety of your life experience, you would welcome them.

What if you could stop right now and simply reap all the fruits of your hard work?

I am sure you would feel really good…. pretty light… reasonably enlightened… right?

But, our soul knows the value in keeping on keeping on…

There is more to discover

More to be revealed

More light to hold

More serenity to be felt

More excitement to experience

And more LOVE to embody.

So, we aren’t done yet.. but that’s not a bad thing..

and don’t let that overshadow how far you’ve come, but rather allow it to broaden your excitement of what’s yet to come.

Your experience up until now, if nothing else… even if you don’t presently feel the hard work you’ve done, has shown you what you are really made of…

Has shown you that you have an incredibly capacity to transform yourself…

So lets keep going shall we?

Let’s go see…

No, no…

Let’s go EXPERIENCE… what’s to come…

Let’s go after the MASSIVE pay off that every single one of you… in the depths of your hearts,  KNOW is somewhere along your  journey… in this current lifetime.

Namaste & Go Get Em!



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