Afraid To Jump… But KNOW You Probably Should?

Do you feel the, “pull of destiny” tugging at you these days?

There does certainly seem to be a sense of urgency in the air… (even though there never is)

Many are saying that this entire ascension is going to climax sometime this fall… and whether that is true or not… I think we all feel there is a “building up” of something right now…

For me this has a lot to do with jumping into the role that I pre-decided to play in this lifetime, that is… on all levels contrary to who I always thought I was and would grow up to be…

On one hand this gets me very excited! … bursting with joy and anticipation.

However, there is another part that feels frozen in rational thought, doubt, and fear.

Can you relate?

Right now these energies are seeming to amplify…. make us MORE aware of the inner trepidation we posses, which makes this massive leap many of us feel guided to take.. all the more frightening!

It’s a cruel cosmic combo…. a sense of urgency to NOT delay… and an amplification of our hesitation.

You know what I have learned though?

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes… and take the plunge.

What’s the worst that can happen?

You make a mistake?

What’s a mistake?

That word is NOT in my vocabulary.  

Sometimes you win and other times you learn… and the more you learn…(make mistakes)… the more victories you collect.

Last winter I made the biggest jump of my life and for several months after… I was considering reintroducing that word… mistake back into my vocabulary, because there was no immediate pay off.

Rather, only the paranoid scenario my mind anticipated.

But… you know how it eventually turned out?

As have ALL of my other plunges into the unknown…. amazingly well!

So exponentially life changing and at the same time… ridiculously empowering that I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith despite my mind’s incessant and deafening caution. 

I have learned that a lot of times there is a longer delay than we would prefer and expect… between the jump and the pay off… (not always, but sometimes)

Sometimes we jump and than for a period, it seems to have been an epic mistake…

However, with a little bit of commitment to our chosen path… a few learning experiences along the way… and of course, time…. it always pays off in a HUGE way… in the end.

And if you have been on this path a little while, I believe that deep down, you already know that.

So what do you have brewing at the moment?

I know you have something going on right now… something you are considering doing…

If that thing makes your heart sing… and your mind fret… then remind yourself to listen to your heart, for your heart is the connection point to your soul…

And mistakes don’t exist… the idea is a product of a human observation from a very limited state of consciousness… blind to the value of a good old learning experience.



PS… staying in vibrational alignment with your true, highest self…. during these periods of indecision is the KEY to taking the right action at the right time.

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