How To Avoid – (Ascension Burn Out)

There have been times that I have been so exhausted…. (for seemingly no reason)… that I could barley get out of bed.

The fatigue itself was one thing… but the affect it had on my life was far reaching.

When we are tired… and have high demands placed on us throughout the day it can create other undesirable symptoms and side affects such as….

– Irritability

– Frustration

– Worry – (Because many times we have no idea why we are so tired)

– We tend to fall behind at life

For years I suffered with intense bouts of this symptom, that I don’t believe the term… “Fatigue”… does justice..

I would feel, straight up… Burnt Out!  

I would feel that I had NOTHING in the tank and no signs of recovery.

It took me a long time before I was able to pinpoint some of the causes… and finally… in discovering some of these sources, I was able to get a handle on it.

Today I am going to share…

3- Reasons For Ascension Burnout & How To Avoid It

#1.  Your life is out of alignment with your,  “New Vibration”

Your vibration is always raising but sometimes it takes a massive leap…



Of course!

However, the aftermath is the urgency to re-arrange your physical life situation to match this new vibration, which can be exhausting.

This is because, all of a sudden you find yourself dwelling… living… toiling around in a physical reality that is no longer a match for your new vibration… 

Your body responds with fatigue to let you know… it’s time to make a change.

(Avoiding The Burnout – TIP #1)

Even though you feel that urgency… you can still go at  a pace that doesn’t burn you out… 

Yes, that urgency is indicative that you DO need to make those changes, but it doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself doing it…

So, be active, but at the same time… take your time because though it feels incredibly urgent.. it’s not.

#2. After A Big Cleanse/Purge

After a period of a deep cleansing… releasing of old energetic baggage… there is suddenly a lot of empty space.

This empty space does not remain empty for long however, because your soul, spirit… true self is anxious to take ownership of this vacant space… and it does.

It feels great when this happens! 

You feel a boost of lightness… inspiration… positivity…. and this causes you to feel, initially… bursting with energy. (I used to call this being… “high on spirit”) 

But, because your body is not yet used to this additional, high – vibe energy… it’s very easy to burn yourself out by doing too much… which at first seems easy and graceful, but as a couple days pass with this new found enthusiasm, you may notice that your physical body is fading fast.

(Avoiding The Burnout – TIP #2)

Simply be mindful when this happens…

Allow yourself to leave projects unfinished… knowing that tomorrow’s another day.

You may find yourself having such fun making these changes, that you don’t want to take a break… but do it! 

Trust me… because with this spirit zest… it’s super easy to go WAY beyond your physical readiness…

Leave a little gas in the tank to carry over into the next day and you can prolong this awesome energy, and avoid burning out.

#3. You Are Holding On To A Situation Longer Than Is Ideal For You

As I mentioned in reason #1… sometimes you make a vibrational jump.

Many times this happens, which creates the need to align your life with this new vibration, and yet your mind resists because the changes you feel, in your gut, you must make… seem risky, drastic… and premature.

This creates an affect of you holding on to something that wants to get away.

In doing so… your body responds with exhaustion to let you know that this thing or situation is simply not a match any longer, regardless of what your mind has to say about it.

And if you continue to hold on… the symptoms will only accelerate, many times accelerating from mere fatigue to actual physical complications.

***When it was time for me to quit my personal training job… initially I felt burnt out… 

But I thought I needed it, so I just keep going at it, despite all the signs saying… STOP

I eventually developed “golfers elbow” which is a horrible case of tendonitis in the elbow joint… in BOTH arms!  

This golfers elbow took me like 9 months to get over!

Finally, I gave in anyways because my body, literally could not continue as a trainer because I knew that lifting those dumbbells every day is what caused it.***

The awakening… (quite often) will cause you to feel like doing something that your mind is not on board with…

Ignoring those inner nudges never works and your body will not be shy about telling you.

(Avoiding The Burnout – TIP #3)

Let it go! 


Simply, give in to what your heart is telling you…

Once you do… you will feel everything shift for you and be amazed at how quickly you feel better…

And in a little time, your life will SHOW YOU… precisely why you felt guided to make that particular move and you will laugh to yourself because you will be reminded that your heart… your gut… your intuition… ALWAYS has your best interest in mind.



PS… Another thing you can do to avoid burnout is learning to tap into your own reservoir of kundalini energy… 

Kundalini is a powerful force that we all possess and you can secrete it, at will... daily… and it provides you with a noticeable boost of energy, clarity, and confidence.

I have a very powerful program that helps you raise your kundalini energy… 

It works so well that the only complaint I receive…

is from people saying that if they do it too close to bed time.. it keeps them awake all night! 

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