Feeling STUCK In Old Energy – (& why it’s not a big deal)

Only you guys would be able to make any sense of that title…

“Stuck in old energy” sounds like a Star Wars phase to most, and yet you know EXACTLY what I am implying…

It’s an interesting situation to find yourself in…

To be vibrationally ready to move on… you might even say… it’s past due… and yet, on a practical level, you simply can’t yet.

I am going through that right now and have MANY times before…

It’s one of those things that you will notice is part of the natural process of ascension.

I believe it’s partly because it takes a certain amount of negative experience before we can see clearly enough that it is in fact time to move on… and by that point, we are already in a sense… dwelling in the, “old energy.”

And even beyond that decision, often times there’s a whole bunch we have to do in order to make that move. (It can take months or even more)

This experience can be unnerving because… you experience, on all levels, (mentally, emotionally, physically, and even experientially)…. that you are dwelling in an incomparable energy.

Simply… it doesn’t feel good… 

It’s tight, confining, heavy, and you tend to bump into random problems more.

In the past I would get really stressed out and almost concerned when I’d find myself in this situation.

For me… I experience actual.. physical/earthly breakdown while stuck in this old energy…

Right now, I am about to move out of state and some very bizarre things have been happening in my home… (all year… but now it’s on overdrive!)

So many appliances have been breaking down… disturbing situations in my neighborhood… crashing my car even!

I can’t seem to take a step in any direction without some totally random thing happening that doesn’t scream to me…

“Bro!  It’s time to GO!”  “Get your butt moving!” 

But… here’s what I have learned….

You are never late, even though it really does feel like you are…

You are always right on time, and simply experiencing the energetic response to you… a higher frequency being… existing in a location or situation that is not compatible with your new energy.

I suggest just getting used to the process because it will happen over and over and over because your vibration will only continue raising.

This is why you may find yourself moving around A LOT… in all ways… with people/relationships, job situations, living situations, habits, hobbies, interests, passions… etc…

The ascension causes you to shift fast… and keep on shifting.

So if you currently feel…. STUCK… in some old energy, in whatever form it may be taking….

No worries!

Yeah, I know it can feel pretty hairy for a bit there, but that’s just to keep you motivated to keep going forward…

But you can only do so much in a day and as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other you will get where you are going… ALWAYS in perfect – divine timing.

Oh… yes… and when you finally make it to your next destination… oh my!

What a breath of fresh air that will feel like!

So wonderful.. light…. and peaceful.



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