Full Moon Symptoms – (The Truth)

I woke up this morning feeling legitimately dizzy.

Almost as if I had a dozen drinks last night.

But I didn’t… and I went to bed feeling perfectly fine, and in fact I actually slept in today. 

Which for me, with 3 kids is, 7:00am 🙂

I noticed that very few teachers would mention many of the symptoms that I would personally experience during, not all… but most of the of the moon cycles.

In the beginning of my awakening, I would watch other full and new moon reports and get super stoked.

They would say things like… you will be increasing your vibration, coming into much greater capacities for love and harmony, and once in a while they would mention a cosmic portal of love opening up or something to that affect.

I would think..


And on the full moon I would wake up feeling similar to how I do now… many times much worse.

I’d feel totally wiped out physically, mentally cloudy, emotionally HOT and touchy, and spiritually void.

Or other times I’d be down right sick… down with a horrible cold or something.

Other times I’d feel like I was 200 years old.. rickety, tight, achy, swollen, and zapped of all energy.

Even more confusing would me my actual life.

So many of the moon cycles seemed to be experience in an extremely disruptive way.

Major life events would happen to me which could be shocking and even though they always turn out to be a massive blessing… at the time I didn’t know that and would find myself feeling like I was doing something horribly wrong.

I knew I was a fairly spiritual guy and certain I was on a path of awakening but I would wonder why all of these reports were predicting such majestic and inspiring messages and I would feel the polar opposite.

I would feel incredibly frustrated and also really down on myself.

Until I realized that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

I would even start to see imperfections in a lot of these teachers that I held high on a pedestal for quite some time.

This threw me for quite a loop.

On one hand, I realized that there was nobody to follow really…

Nobody who had all of the answers, but on the otherr hand, it shifted my own state of self-empowerment.

It caused me to wake up and start validating my own experiences and honoring my own truth, which was just as valid, though not always the same of course, as anyone else’s.

So if you feel, extra – “un-spiritual” during the moon cycles it’s perfectly OKAY and normal.

If you feel like your health has taken a turn for the worse – normal – (and you’ll feel better soon)

If you have racy, judgmental thoughts that you are almost ashamed to admit having – normal.

If old habits and self-destructive behaviors re-take you over a little – normal.

If your life seems to be quite a mess – perfectly fine… 

If you feel so emotional that you want to hide in a cave… welcome to the club! 

I actually dug a small cave in my backyard for such purposes… ( no just kidding I didn’t 🙂 – but I know how you feel man!  

It’s all fine and dandy… and I am not just saying that to make you feel better, its the truth.

See… all of this nuttiness really... actually does have a higher purpose.

Not a higher purpose that will benefit you 10 lifetimes from now… and not a higher purpose that will benefit other people and you are just this selfless martyr that is doomed to a life of suffering for your fellow brothers and sisters…


Every obstacle, struggle, and bit of suffering that you experience now is going to benefit you in this current lifetime… in ways that the human brain can’t even come close to predicting or imagning.

And if you can simply look at it that way, you can shift your entire awakening experience, just like I did.

Now I experience adversity with a sense of optimism. (I know it’s going to make me a stronger person)

I get excited when things start to break down. (I know something better is about to pop in!)

I don’t fret… for very long 🙂 when things aren’t going my way because I know that it’s to reveal a better method or direction for me… one that I like a lot more!

I know anytime something suddenly leaves my life that something even better will soon replace it.

I know that if I feel run down here and there it’s because I am shedding dead weight that will, in the end, give me more vitality, energy, and gusto.

I know that my emotional hypersensitivity is merely a transient symptom of becoming more aware of myself and once I adjust I will be super psychic, smart, and efficient with my actions and able to create a life that matches my true desires far better.

The experience is the same, but rather than gloss over and try to hide and deny the challenges… I found it far more useful to simply frame them in a different way… highlighting their benefits, while at the same time embracing the lessons they have to teach.

You can all do that too…

You can dramatically shift your reality experience by simply framing it differently.

That’s all folks… I can hear the troops (my kids and puppy) are awake and about to bombard me!

Talk to you again soon, 



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