What Happened To My Routine?

My sleep patterns have been erratic as of late…

Today I woke up at 3:00 am for the second time this week.

Lately I have been waking up ridiculously early… right at 3:00 am mostly… every other day.

In between I have been sleeping in.

Perhaps to your surprise…

Despite this bizarre rhythm, I have felt very good 🙂 – plenty of energy

Long ago I realized that having erratic sleep patterns doesn’t necessarily mean you will  be sluggish and irritable.

I have found that it all tends to balance out.

In the past however, I wouldn’t allow myself to experience this balancing out potential…

I would define a poor night’s sleep, or any other disruption in my normal routine, as an unfortunate occurance…

Consequently, I would feel the emotions of stress and frustration.

As time went on I discovered that this awakening would seem to CONSTANTLY throw me WAY out of balance.

For a time, this drove me freaking bonkers!

It was literally impossible to sustain any semblance of a predictable routine.

Until I realized that even though these erratic patterns seemed random and incoherent… there is actually a method to the madness.

The method however is beyond our linear mind’s ability to comprehend.

And that’s totally fine…

It doesn’t need to understand or figure it out.

In fact, in it’s incessant attempt to do so is the ONLY reason we experience the stress.

I have learned to simply let go…

To go with the flow as they say.

Trusting that any unexpected twist and turn is going to benefit me in some way.

How it will benefit me does not need to be foreseen.

I know as my life rolls on, I will eventually see evidence of this hidden benefit… every single time.

Today I woke up at 3:00…

I got a ton of stuff done before my crazy kids got up, shared a nice cup of espresso with my wife, and tonight I will sleep like a baby.

If this was to happen 5 years ago, even though it was common back then, it would have completely ruined my day.

Try this…

I dare you to say YES to whatever is happening in your life… doing your best to trust that it will ultimately serve you in a highly positive way at some point.

Refrain from attempting to figure out before hand.

Let it be a nice surprise!

If you can start doing this I PROMISE…

Your life will start to flow so magically and synchronistically that it will knock your socks off.

Have an amazing weekend,



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