Ascension Energy Update – (November 2016)

This is a month of peaks and valleys…

The peaks will be higher than ever and the valleys will not seem as low…

Either the valleys won’t be as low, literally, or the fact that you have grown so much, you will handle them with more grace and ease…I truly don’t know.

Either way… you have come a long way.

You are transforming into a magnificent example of what a human being can potentially blossom into. 

This month will reveal this to you.

I hate to give a movie example, since I know some of you haven’t seen it… but it’s so fitting.

There’s a great movie, “American Beauty”

The protagonist, Kevin Spacey is a guy who goes through a mid life crisis…

He wakes up to the fact that he has been living like a robot and finally decides that he has had enough!

He takes immediate control of his life and there is a scene where he thinks to himself… right after a courageous exiting from his miserable job…

He says to himself…

“It’s always nice to know you still have the ability to surprise yourself.”

I trust that by the end of the month, you will lay your head down on your pillow, and have the same sense of satisfaction and self appreciation… 

Proud of who you have become… and excited for what you are becoming

Welcome to November 2016 🙂

5 – Themes For November’s Ascension Energy:

#1. We are getting CLOSER to the Eternal NOW – 


I hate how that sounds, because it’s so ambiguous and provides almost, no practical information, and yet that I think it’s the best way to put it…

I feel that the potential for an authentic state of enlightenment is drawing closer to the collective consciousness…

Meaning – more and more people will find themselves, sort of naturally embodying this state of consciousness… like it will become more common place.

Certainly not everyone, but I think the potential is going to be there…(which is huge)

Anyways, as we get closer to this collective precipice, if you will…. there will be a lot of and a wide range of our ego stuff being kicked up at us.

Like we are jogging behind someone biking through the mud…

Stones, mud, dirt, water… all being randomly kicked up at us in an incoherent way…

Meaning… stale emotions, fear, anxiety, paranoias, misaligned beliefs, racy thoughts… we may find ourselves bumping into this stuff, randomly… and in unorganized patterns.. as we draw closer to our own center… our own enlightenment.

I think this will come in bursts and waves… perhaps multiple issues flaring up all at once, and then settling down quickly after, almost too quickly to do anything with, or deal with…

Just let it be…. 

If something sticks around… an issue keeps repeating… than simply sit down somewhere and ask yourself… “what’s the deal?”   

What is this?

You’ll have a comparatively easier time illuminating anything you wish this month…

And the experience is simply a temporary product of your acceleration forward.

#2. Big Life Milestones – 

For you guys… 

Those who are active participants in this mass awakening… may find yourself moving very quickly towards your grand visions… Perhaps achieving goals that have been in the workings for some time now.

For others… people who you can easily tell are not working with the ascension energy, rather fighting against it…

Consequently,  they will have a different type of exprience.

The masses who embody a relatively unconscious state of being will start experiencing difficulty keeping up with the changes…  emotionally, psychologically, and even physically… 

You however have been adapting and aligning with the changes and will have a totally different experience…

I think most of you know this, which is why I choose to refrain from talking about it most of the time…

But, we are getting closer to the point where this division will become more obvious, and the collective unrest  won’t be able to contain itself.

This will likely be a theme for months and even years to come, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s turned up a notch this month.

#3. Palpable Collective Energy-

It’s like the Ascension Energy is affecting everything now…

It has been this whole time, but not to this extent.

Using yourself as a good example…

The way it tends to affect you is by surfacing energy within yourself that is not in alignment with the new energy…

We all know this produces a fleeting experience of inner and outer angst… (For a great reason of course)

But, as this process becomes more noticeable on a grand scale and with so many resisting it… that effect mentioned, seems to be “in the air” …so to speak.

You may be able to perceive humanities awakening process underway.

I know that sounds wild, but simply, a lot of you are so sensitive that you can literally feel this.

Imagine what it would feel like for everyone on this planet… (including the earth itself!) to experience what you are going through…

Insane to think about.

But that’s what’s happening essentially, and because most people have no idea what’s going on… there’s just a very powerful and palpable energy in the air, as this energetic process ensues.

It’s neither good or bad… rather, “it is what it is…”

However, since you are so sensitive, you can perceive such things in like a, psychic way.

It’s like for me… when I am trying to get some sleep.

If the ceiling fan is noisy… it bugs me!

My wife can sleep right through it, but sometimes I have difficulty ignoring it.

Other times, I ignore it just fine though… it depends…

This collective energy will be like that noisy fan.

You can, with a little focus, ignore it completely… 

Other times however, you may find yourself noticing it. 

#4. Incredible Expansion –

That’s super vague I know…

What I mean is this…

You may have been set on certain things… directions… goals… etc.

Well…  sometimes, we go through like a, whole paradigm shift… a MASSIVE expansion in our consciousness and suddenly there are, what seem to be, a million things we forgot to consider.

This is actually a great thing, but when it first happens it can be a bit disorienting and even frustrating as we try to integrate the abundance of new information with our previous ideas…

It’s like… “oh man… I was so set on”…(Fill In The Blank)

Now, I have to rethink everything!

Again, this is an incredibly positive thing, because knowledge is power… and having more to go off of will allow all of us to make more clear decisions, but this can be initially experienced as a pain in the butt, because it means we need to pause and re-think.

I feel like this entire month will be a huge expansion, where we will continue to re-consider and re-eveluate our direction, motives, and even core philosophies.

This Ascension is really turning up in a tangible way, and expansion is what it’s really, fundamentally all about, and the way I described is how it tends to be experienced.

However, we always do eventually come to a plateau, albeit temporary…. and can organize ourselves in a much better and more aligned way, and at such time, we are blown away at how beneficial the whole expansion was.

It’s never comfortable to hold our present beliefs and ideas against the light of new information, but the alternative is walking around in the dark.

#5. Mastery – (Raw, Earthly, Experiential – Demonstrations of Your Own Mastery)

This month is crazy… I’ll just come out and say it.


You will find a sort of culmination of all the hard work you have done… all of your ascension experience… your life experience… beginning to manifest itself in your attitudes and actions to a degree like never before.

Your CONFIDENCE in yourself will go through the roof!

In spite of it being an intense month… and a very, I want to say, almost disorienting energy, you will find that you can handle it better than ever!

You will sense the intensity, and you will feel it… but it will not sway you as much.

Ironically, in spite of the energy not being very supportive to living a balanced life… you will find your willpower stronger than ever, and therefore be able to perhaps live in a more zen like way… anyways!

I know most people step into a new month… hoping for positive, uplifting, and light energy..

But… this opportunity to prove to yourself what you are made of… how far you have come… in my opinion is a perfect representation of the essence of this earth experience  and will produce a sense of self appreciation, and satisfaction that you can only get in such situatoins.

We all came here… especially at this time to see what we are made of.

Any soul can float around the ethers, waving their wands….

It takes a truly bright spirit to come here…to this place… and still shine…

And this month you are going to shine baby!

Brighter than ever!

And it is only in this dark context that you will be able to shine in this truly remarkable way.



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