New Moon – (ENERGY UPDATE) “Breaking Through”

I’m driving through the snowy mountains of Arizona right now… (about 6,000 ft. elevation!)

Totally on the edge of my seat because our travel trailer is not properly equipped for such conditions.

My situation is actually a very good example of this energy we are all in the process of, “Breaking Through.”

New Moon: (11-29-16) ENERGY REPORT

We are very close to finally transitioning out of this old chapter and into a brand new one. 

Essentially, we are on the verge of breaking through into a more consistent embodiment of a preferred state of being…

But, as many of us are now discovering…

To fully manifest this “new chapter,” we must relinquish any issues or inner conflicts that aren’t compatible. (especially phobias & doubts)

Also, there seems to be a bit of a “rights of passage” thing going on.

Perhaps we will benefit from raising up to an even higher level of self-empowerment and sovereignty.

Preceding the actual New Moon, you might find yourself in a life situation similar to mine.

It’s not even so much the situation itself, rather the deep, core, almost primal energies that are bubbling to the surface in response to the brilliantly timed, and uniquely triggering situations, that you will find relatable.

Is driving on messy mountain roads unnerving to most anyone?

Of course…

But  my emotional response has been nothing short of panic and almost unbearable intensity.

I am aware of this over-response however, and that is the KEY to transcending, not only the situation itself, but more importantly, the WEIGHT of the unconscious issues being revealed.

For me.. this situation (that I attracted into my life) is brining up emotions that I felt as a young child when I was tragically hit by a fire cracker.

What’s being brought up for you?

Beneath the surface of what’s actually taking place in your life.

Does your emotional response resemble any theme or past situation you can think of?

I suspect you may have some synchronicity and other strange “coincidences” attempting to help you uncover the source.

What is the message your life is attempting to tell you?

These situations are merely reflections of the catharsis we are all experiencing, and offer great clues to help you…

  • Discover the source… (“Why” this is happening in your life… NOW)
  • Transcend the energies completely by BURNING them up in the fire of your ever expanding consciousness

There will surely be an increasing intensity of this energy (and also clarity)… as the moon draws closer.

This New Moon itself…  or right before it,  will be CLIMAX of this energy… and taper off soon after, giving way to a tranquil, “healing energy” that I trust will be very welcomed by us all 🙂

This energy will pass, one way or another… that’s no question.

How well you dig into your power and shed light into the dimly lit caverns of your consciousness is up to you…

Being perfectly honest, it has not been easy for me.

Personally, my sense of optimism and faith has been wavering a whole lot… as I attempt to see the deeper meaning of my own life situations.

However, I have come to appreciate a good challenge, knowing the profound and life changing after affect…

The resulting inner growth always translates into a noticeably enhanced ability to take bold action on our deepest longings, resulting in a life we can be proud of.

One that fills our heart with excitement, joy, and true satisfaction.

I hope you are all doing very well,

May you continue to rise to the occasion…. and,

Reap the rewards that ONLY come to those who those who possess the persistence, faith, and courage as you 🙂

Talk to you soon,



PS… UPDATE: – we survived!

Funny, we took this route, as a modification to our previous plans to avoid snow in different area.  We failed to remember just how steep these mountains can get.

PSS… Tomorrow, we will FINALLY arrive in San Diego 🙂

This has been perhaps my biggest and far fetched goal ever in my life… many years in the making, but dreams do come true.

I can’t wait to share the new scenery and positive vibes with all of you 🙂

Be in touch…

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