December – (ENERGY UPDATE)… “BIG Revelations”

I don’t know about you guys, but I was hit hard this month.

I felt initially floored by this energy and it’s ability to influence my life.

However, now having found my balance, I am excited to write to you about this powerful month of December.

Revelations… (Big Ones!)

That’s what I feel very strongly about this particular month.

Essentially, our path is becoming more and more narrow.

The vibrational line we are walking is thinning and now we are on this tight rope.

When we are properly balanced it feels GREAT!

We are like… YES!!! This is who I am… This is what I want… and life is amazing!

But, when we step off this narrow path just a tiny bit… the contrast almost blasts you in the face.

There is very little wiggle room.

NOT walking the path we came to walk feels terrible on all levels.

On one hand this is frustrating because we are all still in the process of figuring out where to go, yet on the other hand it’s valuable because it is guiding us along very quickly.

The side effects of not being our true selves can be felt immediately which causes us to change our course of action right away.

The Key To Success here is…

Allow yourself to zig and zag a little bit this month…

KNOW that all of the feedback is necessary and incredibly helpful for quickly ushering you to a beautiful existence and in no time you will find yourself immersed in a deep sense of serenity as a result of this “apprenticeship phase.”

Secondly… There is a very DEEP awakening happening. 

fundamental wake up that will shift your life in dramatic ways.

At the core we are remarkable, courageous, and insanely confident in our ability to very quickly, manifest our wildest desires…

What gets in the way is our lifetime… or lifetimes of unconscious living…

We have picked up so many distorted beliefs about ourselves that causes us to constantly trip ourselves up along this potentially joyful and exciting path.

This month however, you will find yourself waking up to a LOT of these inner conflicts that have been sabotaging your efforts.

And in absence of this crippling weight… you will find that you’re more than capable of manifesting your dreams with relative ease and joy.

Life works magically… but we get in our own way so often that it seems as if it’s a massive struggle all the time.

The depth your awakening is going to take this month will allow you to stop doing so much of that, and consequently experience life in a much more gentle and harmonious way.

The Key To Success here is…

Have patience as your life experiences, dreams, synchronicity, and intuition put together this puzzle for you.

You may get a few pieces that don’t quite fit together just yet… they may feel related but still unclear.

No need to worry, the final pieces that will bring you clarity are just around the corner and will come to you at the perfect time, as they always do.

Final thoughts…

As the world around you continues to escalate in chaos….

and as your own awakening process gets amped up to yet another level…

Remember you can ALWAYS tune into your inner voice.

This voice… this gut feeling… this KNOWING will too become amplified, and you can always access it with a little intent.

This awakening is illuminating everything… we are growing increasingly sensitive to EVERYTHING.

Sometimes the dark shadows are what captures our attention.

Or perhaps we are just so used to focusing on them.

But you have the ability to rise above it all…

And I don’t mean that in a useless, metaphorical way either…

I mean, you can actually do this.

When you tune into the inner silence… the lightness that underlies all matter you can feel a subtle shift in your perception.

Many of you are literally “lifting up above” all of this madness, and the more you allow this process to shake away what’s been holding you down, you will feel and EXPERIENCE this in a very real and tangible way.

Have a wonderful and transformative month everyone!

You are all awakening rockstars and I hope you realize and appreciate what you doing… how amazing, benevolent, and grand it truly is.

Talk to you soon 🙂



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