A look ahead…

The December energies are shaping up to be…

Much less of a reflection of this year… and much more of a “look ahead” into 2017.

But what a lot of us are experiencing is a preliminary and FUNDAMENTAL…  “shake up.”

It’s like our soul sometimes says…

“Okay… you want this, that, and the other?”

“No problem, we can definitely swing this…. BUT”

You have to let go of all of your preconceptions and insistences of…. “The How”.. because with all do respect, your plans could use some work!

We don’t like to relinquish control so much though…

We tend to cling to what we feel is the ONLY way to go about things.

Hence the shake up…

However, once we release our tight grip… and ALLOW our soul’s plans to come into our conscious awareness, we feel good again!

We exclaim….

‘Wow!  Brilliant!”

“Okay… lets do it this way!”

So the tip of the day is to allow yourself to dip into deep uncertainty for a brief period…

KNOWING that it’s for the purpose of enlightening you with your soul’s fantastic plans that directly correlate with the manifestation of your wildest dreams.

The FASTER we can relax our insistence of the, HOW... the smoother our month will be and sooner we can align with a huge list of action steps that will surely keep us busy all next year.

Talk to you soon,



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