A Great Way To Ease OVERWHELMING Emotions

As each of you know very well…

Your awakening… your ascent into greater awareness and sensitivity… creates an amplification of ALL of your emotions.

The way beauty now has the capacity to penetrate your body to the point of tears.

The way your heart swells when you recognize the depth of even the simplest good deed.

This of course works both ways…

Anger…fear…worry…anxiety… all of these too are GREATLY amplified.

It’s all just so INTENSE…

We are becoming so SENSITIVE…

None of us have any qualms about this amplification side affect when we are feeling good.

But when we are caught off guard by a storm of our painful emotions, it’s another story.

I wanted to share a great way to deal with these times that has really helped me.

It’s a vastly different way of relating with these intense emotions than our natural inclination.

So habitual… is our tendency to become frustrated when inconvenienced by this emotional catharsis.


We are busy people and having to constantly stop and deal with this crazy upheaval of wild emotions can feel like a big pain.

So, with agitation and impatience we tend to resist, neglect, stuff, and sometimes even get ANGRY with these emotions.

“What the heck are you doing here!?”

“I don’t have time for this!”

But those emotions are merely an aspect of YOU.

They ARE you…. me… us.

They are in a sense, the cries of our inner child.

When a mother hears her infant crying in the night she doesn’t storm in the baby’s room, yelling and screaming… “What’s the matter with you!?”

“Don’t you see I’m trying to sleep!?”

Of course not.

She calmly picks up her child, wraps them in her arms with loving embrace.

She understands, it’s just a baby.

Maybe they had a bad dream or have an upset stomach.

The baby has no other means of getting her attention so it cries.

So too with our inner child.

It’s simply asking to be recognized

Those powerful emotions are the only way it can get our attention and let us know they are still upset… still hurt.

Something we are doing is kicking up the pain of our inner child.

So next time you find yourself experiencing those intense emotions, instead of becoming frustrated, try relating with it the same way you would a crying baby.

Try to have compassion…

You could simply talk to it… (I know it sounds strange, but I do, and it works)

I’ll say…

“Hey little dude… I know you’re hurting… and I’m here.”

“What’s upsetting you?”

Often times this brings about a wave of clarity on the issue… the reason for the emotions…

What past experience these emotions correlate with.

Shedding light onto the source of this pain has a profound healing affect.


As uncomfortable as these experiences can be, they are a blessing because they are an opportunity for true liberation and healing.

Give it a try 🙂

Let me know how it works out…

Until next week,





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