How To Move On… From The “Hermit Phase Of Awakening”

One of my recent videos, “The Hermit Phase Of Awakening & When To Move On” has been my most successful video to date, already reaching nearly 100,000 people in only a couple weeks.

The general response I got was…

“YES!  I am right there in that phase… and YES I believe it’s time to move on… but HOW?”

This post will explain… “the how.”

However, I doubt most of you will find these suggestions be new.  You can consider this entry more of a reminder.

I suspect many of you have simply been delaying the inevitable.

You all already know how to get out of this phase…

And what I mean by, “getting out of the hermit phase” is… heeding the call to your true destiny.

Your spirit has been nudging you towards this path your entire life.

It’s your path – and nobody can walk it but YOU.

This is your role... your mission… your purpose.

And it’s literally calling to you. (through dreams, synchronicity, and even life experiences)

BUT… the problem is… receiving the call is scary!

This inviting path is so foreignunfamiliar… and not exactly easy to find!

Regardless of these unfavorable circumstances you still probably feel a growing sense of urgency to step off your current path… which has been falling away for some time… but how can you?

It’s all you know.

The GAP between the characters we have been playing… and the souls we utlimately are… is MASSIVE.

Bridging that gap is what this awakening is all about.

This post will hopefully remind you that you can start doing that today.

#1. Let Go Of What Is Attempting To EXIT Your Life 

We all have things in our life that provide us with a sense of safety.

What you are likely experiencing is the realization that those things don’t offer you nearly as much safety as you previously thought.

You are seeing that life moves fast and is always in a dynamic flux that can’t be anticipated very easily.

Yet… you still may not feel ready to part with these things I am referring to in spite of your new insight of their inherent transience.

Deep down you KNOW… they are on their way out. (the job, relationship, residence, friends, or other foundational situation)

You feel, see, and SENSE their incompatibility with who you are becoming.

In spite of this, there is in deed, a very real attachment to all of what is attempting to fall away… hence the difficulty of the situation.

I felt extremely torn when it was time to leave my career, house, and relationships behind.

Part of me KNEW I would never be happy unless I did.

I also knew that I was drawing upon myself stress and even life chaos by holding on past the expiration date of these life attachments.

But letting go seems so INSANE!

But… it has to be done. 

And you will be very happy that you did.

Perhaps not right away, but I guarantee you this…

Your life… in absence of the dead weight, be free to blossom into a totally new existence that I swear to you… will sweep you off your feet!

Trust me… I know how you feel… I was scared shitless…. but what is waiting for you will blow your mind.

The universe… you… your higher self knows EXACTLY what will fill you with unimagiabble bliss, joy, and purpose… and what is attempting to leave… has nothing to do with it… so let it go.

#2. Start Becoming Who You Want To Be – NOW

For years I wanted to be a teacher, on youtube, helping others transform themselves, living in California, abundant and free.

I couldn’t escape who I REALLY wanted to be.

But because that person was so different than who I was… it was intensely scary.

There were times I thought it would be easier to just do a better job accepting where I was at.. and rid myself of my desires for life to be different.

“Ahh… I don’t need “a purpose”… no way!  I just need more gratitude.”


There comes a time where we can feel a strong sense that…

“it’s time to become that person.”

For years prior, I had the naive notion that… “that person” would somehow just appear.

I lived in a state of denial that “I” would actually have to craft and create that person.

But, that’s how it’s done.

I finally realized I had to start acting, thinking, feeling, breathing, and LIVING exactly like that person I knew myself to be.

This was a huge pain because again, that person was a complete stranger to me.

This endeavor ended up requiring that I change nearly EVERYTHING about myself.

But, in doing so… each change I made, brought me a greater sense of completion… wholeness.

That homesick feeling started to fade away.

I started to feel at home… in my own body and life.

The way I accomplished this was by taking very practical… physical, and common sensical action each and every day to bring me closer to that other person.

It’s about organizing your day to day actions so that they reflect and align with your approaching destiny.

Fortunately, this not a complex process and you will be guided the entire way.

But it’s you that has to do the work.

#3. Your Intuition Will Guide You – (Trust It)

This third thing ties in with everything above in that… this whole process is basically laid before you in a step by step manor.

Your intuition always provides you with pretty clear understanding of that that next step is.

What is the next thing to part with?

What is the next thing to start doing?

It’s a dance between letting go.. and adding on.

The stressful part is that we only know the next step, and none that come after.

Like we are traveling in pure darkness with only a candle. We can only see a few feet in front of us.

Our minds run wild!

What if just ahead there is a big hole that you might fall into?

What if you smack your face on a tree branch?

Yet, those first few feet always seem to be well lit and clear. – (trust)

Our mind can’t help but attempt to make sense of these “steps” that seem totally unrelated at times.

We try to get an idea of what’s taking place… where this is all heading… but it seems almost purposely confusing.

If you can just trust… or rather, act as if you trust… you will eventually see the brilliance at work.

You will always know what you need to know WHEN you need to know it…. not before.

And… believe you me… there will come a time of culmination.

A time where you see the genius connection of all of these steps.

And it’s not just ONE big moment… it’s MANY.

You will start having many experiences where all of the work you have done blossoms before your eyes.

I look back and almost can see the humor in it all.

It almost seems that we set it up this way to mess with ourselves!

We like to freak ourselves out from time to time…

Give such little information, just enough to take that little baby step… and purposely organize them all in a way that can seem so disharmonious…

Perhaps only to INTENSIFY those moments of pleasant surprise when we’re left completely awestruck, baring witness to how it all really has in deed come together in a truly divine orchestration.

In conclusion

Let go… take action – (especially on those things that scare you)… and trust your instincts.

That’s how it’s done.

Told you… it’s all stuff you already knew.

Perhaps you were hoping that there was an alternative route?

That’s what I was waiting for… I knew what needed to be done LONG before actually doing it.

It was so freaking scary that I was just desperately hoping that a different route would present itself.

Never happened.

I only experienced more stress, the longer I held out…

So, what’s it gonna be?

Are you going to wake up tomorrow morning and turn over a new leaf?

Are you ready to answer the call from yourself?

If you read this far than you most certainly are!

You know what to do.

Now, it’s just a matter of doing it.



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