Lightworkers Often Neglect To Do This… (I was guilty of this as well!)

The spiritual awakening process is quite demanding… right?

I know the last decade of my life has basically revolved around this 24/7 job that consists of…

  • Making uncomfortable life adjustments
  • Looking deeply at challenging, old emotions and past experiences
  • Working hard to become the strongest version of myself
  • Managing incredibly bizarre physical, emotional, and mental symptoms

Beyond this… I have felt such a POWERFUL calling to dedicate myself to helping others.

This is all good stuff, I think we can all agree…

But… sometimes we forget to do something else that is VERY important.

It’s not only important for the fact that it will help us do all of that stuff above a lot BETTER… but it’s important for our own personal, earthly, human… wellbeing.

What I am eluding to is something so simple… yet often overlooked….

I’m talking about good, old fashion… FUN!

That’s right…. fun.

Are you taking time to have, “unproductive…. perhaps even, “unspiritual” – FUN?

I wasn’t either 🙁

Just last weekend my wife and I got out for the first time… without the kids… in what seemed like AGES!

We had such a blast that It made me realize that I totally forgot what it was like to have fun!

I know that’s sad, but true.

After a 24 hour fast, my wife and I hired a babysitter… smoked a little weed… had a couple of margaritas… and ate some AMAZING authentic Mexican food, finally ending our evening walking along Mission Beach taking in the beautiful sunset.

A lot of what I just said is considered NOT spiritual… NOT healthy… and NOT good.


Tequila… weed… come on Vic?

Like a lot of long held collective opinions on spirituality, I find myself having a very different perspective on this matter as well…

I assert that the point of spirituality is to is help us merely be ourselves… our TRUE selves… more fully… more often.

I also can’t help but recognize how my body feels… how it RESONATES with the experience of fun.

That night… in spite of the, “toxins” my vibration was SOARING… I felt like I was revving very high.

I felt like it was extra high that evening because for the first time I allowed myself to have that kind of fun… with the absence of guilt.

I realize now that I was always in conflict with myself.

Deep down, I have always enjoyed certain things in life… but because of my conditioned definitions, would experience loads of guilt when I would yield to those, what I feel to be very natural, hedonistic desires.

With that said..

I am not suggesting everyone go out and party either!

That night… in the moment.. in the context of my personal life… that experience was perfectly fitting.

That doesn’t mean it was always fitting, or will be fitting every week, month, year, etc.

It’s about going with the flow of the moment… embracing the NOW

Prior to that evening I hadn’t drank or smoked weed in months.

But the desire just came over me in a very organic and natural way.

I was initially met with a lot of nervousness about it, but fortunately I was able to see that nervousness as the unnatural and foreign energy, rather than the desire to party.

So… what I am basically saying in this post is that it’s okay… fine… healthy… spiritual… and good to allow yourself to have fun… in whatever way that means for you.

Maybe fun for you is playing basketball with your buddies…. or going fishing… or riding roller coasters… or driving fast cars… or rock climbing… or playing cards.

Whatever it is…

Don’t neglect your desires to have a good time.

Having fun is just as spiritual, high vibration, and valid of an experience as meditation, prayer, and service to others.

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to feel pleasure.

You deserve to take a break.

You deserve whatever your heart wants in every given moment.

Any desire from the heart is ALWAYS perfectly compatible with the WHOLE.

It is only our conditioned beliefs that sometimes suggest otherwise.


Bottoms up!



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