5-Tips For Thriving In INTENSE Energy

The awakening process is pretty intense every single day… right?

We don’t really get a “day off.”

But there are times… wether it be a day or a couple weeks where we are REALLY stretched to our limits.

There does seem to be astrological influence on our life experience and during certain alignments, such as last Friday’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…. we find ourselves living in VERY intense energy.

This potent, fiery, spirit energy always has our best interest at heart, but even so… keeping up with the ordinary demands of our life can be really challenging while swimming in this highly “pushy”energy.

This post is going to share 5 quick tips that will help you get along just fine… even in this wild energy.

#1. Accept The “Symptoms”

Nobody enjoys feeling….

  • drained
  • irritable
  • foggy
  • emotionally – hot
  • achy

But many times when this energy first hits, and even for a few days after, our body can experience some or all of those symptoms.

It is what it is… and so long as we can avoid going into worry, panic, and resistance… these symptoms can be experienced simply as a bit annoying, rather than a crisis.

So when there is a powerful full moon approaching or an equinox, eclipse, etc… just know that you “might” get some of these symptoms and they are temporary and  a sign of RAPID transformation.

#2. Stay Flexible –

This energy tends to disrupt  our normal, every day patterns.

There always seems to be a dozen extra, out of the norm, demands placed in our laps, on top of our already busy lifestyles.

So, if you find yourself… way out of your normal, predictable routine… a bit frazzled with your massive scroll of a to do list… just play it cool.

Be flexible… allow yourself to live by seat of your pants during these times and simply make the wisest decision available, in every given moment, with no attachment to any solid game plan.

#3. Take “Time Outs” –

Your probably thinking… “Vic… I don’t have time for a time out.”

You might feel that you don’t have time for ANYTHING!

I would argue that you don’t have time to… not… take a time out.

Time outs, (meaning… just chilling… sitting, laying down doing nothing for 10-20 min)…

contrary to appearances, are a wise investment of your time, as they will add to your energy, and improve your focus, which will noticeably increase your productivity & efficiency.

Just this morning one of my coaching clients emailed me with this same finding…

This guy loves playing music and is in like 4 different bands but has been finding himself very fatigued and unable to keep up with the demands of his busy lifestyle, to the point where playing music is becoming a chore, rather than his favorite thing to do in the world.

I taught him how to do some automatic writing and he sent me his own reading, which basically stated what I said above…

He concluded that he would take MORE time to meditate… which on one hand can be viewed as, yet another thing to fit into his demanding schedule… but he realized that the more he meditates, the more energy he has.

Taking an extra 10-20 min helps him maintain his energy all day, which leads to, not only a better performance, but a more enjoyable experience.

So take time…. to do nothing, and you will get more done 🙂

#4. Get In Nature:

This potent energy can make you really feel like you don’t belong in the world.

The racy minds of the busy people dashing about… sometimes it can make your head spin.

The sullen faces on the passers by just makes us feel alone and sad.

The energy can make the darkness of the world seem more, in your face.

However… the beauty, stillness, and DEEP peacefulness of a good nature spot can have the exact opposite affect.

Friday evening… which was the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse… my wife and I hiked at Mission Gorge in San Diego…

This is a huge area of land that the city decided to not build on and has that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere…

The serene energy was as perceptible as I have ever felt.

We could literally feel the peacefulness of nature on a very noticeable physical level… and it was marvelous!

These intense energies ALSO make us more sensitive to the good vibes…

Nature always has good vibes, so if you feel a bit wired from your life.. take a little reprieve and soak up some nature vibes 🙂

#5. Embrace The Challenge:

Yes, on most levels trying to stay sane in this intense energy is a big pain… I’d have to agree.

But, there is also something exhilarating about the highly unique and interesting challenge.

It’s… (wait.. .wanted to share a fun random synchronicity I just got)

I know… I’m a huge light-worker dork 🙂

Anyways… as I was saying,

Just think… this ascension process is something that doesn’t happen very often…

Some say this is the first time human beings have gone through such a grand shift of this nature.

Either way, it’s an extremly exciting time to be alive.

For the longest time…. I know at least for me… I had a pretty good gauge of my entire life path…

I’d graduate high school, maybe do a little college, get a 9-5 career, have some kids, settle down, grow old and watch the grand kids grow up….

Now… there’s no telling what’s in store!

Will we be living among ET’s in the next 20 years?

Will the earth undergo some massive solar flash that transforms everything?

Will we continue to grow more and more and MORE enlightened at this pace?

Geez! Imagine the implications of even that!

It’s wild man.

Anything’s possible now.

I try to focus on the excitement of it all rather than the negative symptoms of this experience.

I try to maintain that child like awe, which is totally possible with what we are going through.

During these times, I get stressed out… wiped out… just like everyone… and I’d be lying if I said I keep my cool the whole time… far from it!

But, even at the beginning of my journey, I would take time to tap into and marvel at the sheer thrill of this experience, and now as I continue to grow, I attempt to focus on that more and more.. and the symptoms.. less and less.

Altering my focus has significantly shifted my experience of this transition we are all going through.

So… hope that helped folks 🙂

Talk to you next time.





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