Awakening Hack – (Helpful Tip For Healing Your Emotional Body)

This awakening goes DEEP…

Way deeper than I could have ever imagined.

I am going to share a surprising discovery… an “ascension hack” if you will… that will help you with… not all… but A LOT of your deep emotional issues…

The clarity of our ever expanding awakening is helping us make these surprising connections between our emotional/energy state and our physical life experience.

It still blows my mind… the origin of so many of my major life themes.

Here’s the hack…

A lot of the uncomfortable emotions you carry around with you… are not yours.

Many of them actually have very little to do with you.

This will sound crazy, but we actually absorb emotional states from our parents.

If your parents felt a certain way… harbored a certain phobia, fear, anxiety, etc…. and haven’t resolved it within themselves, then there’s a good chance you… as a young, impressionable, OPEN child… absorbed that energy.

Here’s an example…

We just had a bit of a storm here in the San Diego area.

This area typically doesn’t experience severe weather, so when it does, there is more damage… ie. fallen trees and what not that usual.

Well, my wife has a paranoia about weather.

She was walking around yesterday… eyeing the trees in the area, lol… (of course to assess if any were likely to fall and crush our home)

She was very uneasy about this little storm…

In her mind this was a legitimate concern.

I was messing around with her about this issue… as we often do with each other when we can sense an “ego type issue” of this nature coming up…

I was like… “Dude… why are you so paranoid?”

It just dawned on her…

She remembered her grandmother telling her of a story where one of her good friends died in a storm.

She also remembered her grandmother and mother being extremely on edge anytime the weather got a bit feisty.

Upon that connection… the connection to the “worry energy” within her body and those memories… she could distinguish the energy as not really coming from herself.

This allowed her to see the situation more logically and objectively and about 20 minutes after our conversation, she felt the weight had lifted… she felt lighter… and FREE of that uncomfortable worry energy.

I have also done this same thing many times.

I am even working with a client right now who had the same experience, just this week.


The hack is this…

When you feel any old, uncomfortable emotions coming up… and maybe even playing out a bit in your life…

Which often times does happen.

Real quick… funny example…

My wife mentioned as she was walking around our park, checking out the trees… one of the neighbors, just so happen to say….

“Hey… are ya lookin’ to see which tree will fall on ya?”

Another funny coincidence….

The workers at the park where we are staying… were going around trimming trees to prepare for this storm… and ya know… they maybe, would trim up one out of every 10-15 trees.

Right after my wife came in and told me what the neighbor said… a huge machine pulled right up to our RV and started trimming the tree right in our lot!

This was prior to the discovery.. so you could imagine her reaction!

But… when this happens… you can always ask yourself…

“Who do I know that used to feel this way?”

Your mom… dad…. or anyone else who you spent a lot of time with as a young child… hint hint 🙂

This awakening is demanding ALL foreign energies within us be released.

It has a very bizarre way of going about this, which in the beginning is freaky.

You temporarily get taken over by the fear… the phobia… the emotion.

It is so present in your body that it clouds your thinking to the point where you find yourself believing the fear.

You might also notice the fear manifesting in your physical reality which only reinforces that belief because you now have evidence!

But… after a little while you start to say…

“Hmm…. this doesn’t seem right.”

Like… do I really need to worry about the extremely rare chance a tree falls on me?

Life begins to show you that thinking that way… believing that fear doesn’t make much sense.

Then you ask… “why do I believe that?”

At this point… start looking back in time to see the potential source.

Once you find it…. It’s GONE!

And just watch to see how even one released emotion can directly impact your life in a very positive and tangible way.

Even the mere fact of being free of such an unsettling fear is life changing.

But just as that fear would manifest itself… so too will your REAL energy…

The more clearance for your authentic spirit self to shine through… the more you will start to really like the life reflection you see.

Give it a try 🙂

The energy this winter will help you do this…

It’s a bit confusing and dreamy… but you can have a lot of these profound, life – changing releases along the way.

Okay that’s it for today folks…

It’s still so surprising to me that I can write an article like that and a lot of people, “get it.”

The message would sound so… over the top… “out there” to many… but not you!

I feel privileged that I have such a great, like minded audience to connect with each day.

I hope this tip serves you well on your journey, and I wish you all the best!



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Have a great weekend folks!


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