How To Turn A Problem Into An Opportunity

Last Monday evening, I ate an entire box of girl scout cookies.

Here’s the REALLY embarrassing part.

At one point I realized I was being a complete fiend so I decided to throw the remaining 3-4 cookies in the garbage, outside.

Moments later it was not so much a matter of “if”… but WHEN!

We both know… the cookies were safe in the box, untouched by the garbage… so I ate those too!

The really strange thing was that… I didn’t feel guilty

My first instinct… FINALLY… after years of beating the crap out of myself for such indiscretions was to… immediately question… “WHY?”

That behavior is not common for me.

So naturally… it “stood out.”

It got me wondering…

Dude… Vic… “whats up with that bro?”

Soon after asking myself that question I had an idea to take my diet in a different direction.

My personal conclusion is not important obviously…

The significance of the story is this…

Rather than react in my old, conditioned ways to that situation,  my first instinct is something I have been working hard over the years to PROGRAM into myself.

Something Napoleon Hill said really stuck with me…

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

I have found this simple perspective to be extremely valuable for this awakening we are all experiencing.

Your spiritual awakening… albeit, in mysterious ways… is attempting to “align” your life with your highest ideal…

It’s trying to help you create a life that is an actual match to the REAL you.

Sometimes it throws problems at us.

Other time it almost… lures  us into situations where we act out… behave in a way that is NOT in our best interest, as an attempt to wake us up to something, a self revelation, or the idea of a new direction to go in.

It’s a round about means of guidance. At least it can be.

I binged on cookies… maybe you freaked out on your kids for no reason…. or were fired from your job… kicked out of your apartment… dumped by your partner….

In life, this kind of experience does happen from time to time.

And normally we react by stopping dead in our tracks… to toil in our guilt, self-loathing, frustration, resentment, complaints.. and relentless worry.

But… the past is the past… unchangeable.

The present however is malleable to our conscious influence.

You can take anything in your life…(both positive & negative)  and use it to become a better, stronger, smarter, wiser, and more AWESOME version of yourself.

I was blasted by a huge firework as a kid, while innocently watching a neighborhood show…

(oh man.. sucky right?)


I choose to use that situation as a reminder that I can overcome very wild, random, and seemingly unfair tragedies.

In doing so, I am that much better at communicating with others who have also been wounded.

Indirectly it has given me an edge… an air of confidence and self assuredness… because I KNOW I can get through just about anything.

A while back… when I was a personal trainer… the place I was working closed down abruptly.

In in instant, I was out of a job.

Oh no!  (horrible, right?)

All the trainers were in a panic.

Not me…

I took a situation that seemed bad… and twisted it so it could benefit me.

I decided to take down all of the client’s phone numbers.

The very next day I called them up and suggested that I come train them at their home.

In ONE day…

I was able to fill my schedule with my favorite clients… earning 3X the money.. working 1/2 the hours.

And just this last  Monday, I decided to turn my 1,500 calorie run of hedonistic insanity into a decision to go in a new direction that was fun & exciting to me.

What issues are going on in your life?

How can you benefit from them?

How can you transform them into a super awesome blessing?

Be open… creative… patient… and simply… give it a try.

You may be surprised at what you come up with.

Talk to you next week 🙂




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