April New Moon -2017

April’s New Moon is attempting to help you walk your path more fully…. with more confidence… and with less inner resistance.

This report will address a few different themes you may be experiencing around the time of this new moon and also some tips to help you benefit from them.

#1. Emotional Breakthrough – 

You may have sensed some old energy, old emotions… surfacing within your body lately.  You have also likely noticed that they are a bit of a nuisance… they are heavy… and influencing your perception… yet….

They are still there!

Day after day, you wait for clarity…

“Why are these here?”

“What are they trying to say?”

Fortunately, the day/evening of powerful moon cycles such as today… can  provide you with the CLARITY you have been craving.

A breakthrough!

An ah-ha moment

The days leading up to the New Moons help you build that pressure…

and though uncomfortable…

EVERYTHING has it’s breaking point, it’s threshold…. and today you might find those stale emotions finally leave you…

and in their wake will likely be loads of personal insight… and a general feeling of inner liberation… lightness… stillness… peace.

You earned it!

Holding onto those emotions is never fun… but until we discover why… and where we are clinging to them… we don’t know how to let go…

This new moon should help you discover that where and why… leading to the automatic reaction of finally… – letting go.


Give This A Try…

Sometimes revelation happens effortlessly and randomly…  and sometimes it’s helpful to seek it willingly.

You may have sat with yourself multiple times recently to figure out what the heck is going on with you… and gotten nothing.

Today just might be the day 🙂

Try sitting with yourself and seeking to understand whatever theme in your life has been troubling you. You may be surprised at what you uncover 🙂

#2.  Forward Movement

Many of us have been feeling like we need to change… or do something.

Life isn’t feeling like a perfect fit these days… but what? when? where? how?

You may still not have all the answers… it’s likely you don’t.

But… sometimes we have to simply do our best with what we have.

I am reading a book by the famous author Steven King right now…. it’s a memoir.

He explained his first big hit was a book that he struggled to write… it did’t come easy.

In fact, he actually crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage out of frustration. He felt the writing was laborious and frankly, he thought the outcome was simply not very good.

However, his wife ended up finding this draft and decided to take it out of the trash… straightening out the pages as best she could, she returned it to him.

She said… “I think you got something here.”

He loved and respected his wife very much, so in spite of his own contrary opinion on the matter, he gave it another shot….

The writing process still did not flow effortlessly as it sometimes did for him… but he did his best and submitted it anyways.

“Carrie” – that book… was his first break. He received a call from a publisher months later saying they were going to mail him a check for $200,000… which back then… even today! – is a lot.

Steven gleaned from the situation that sometimes things don’t flow… are not so graceful, effortless, and smooth….

BUT…. those times when they are… are too few and far between and sometimes we must move forward anyways.

Sometimes… the fruits of that laborious… sketchy… unpredictable… forward movement will surprise you 🙂


Don’t bother waiting for clarity… connection… and ease before doing what you want to do.

We don’t currently live in a time of “consistent connection.” Rather we live in a highly tumultuous time of insane unpredictability…

BUT… that does not mean you are incapable of doing amazing things & living your best life.

And when you prove that to yourself… whatever it is you do do… will be that much more satisfying.

So if you feel like you want to move, change, and do something… just go…. just do it…

#3. Openness – 

You may discover just how poor of a job your calculated, rational thinking brain is at plotting a life that is in sync with your highest joy.

I want this, that, and the other…

The mind says, okay…

“Well, do this and that.”

Your soul sits on the sidelines… puzzled, amused…. and patiently waits.

It waits for us to realize the limitations of our mind.

My daughter wants to start driving our vehicles.  (she’s 7 years old)

I know that she is not capable… not even physically able to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. One day of course, but not yet 🙂

Our mind is like my little daughter… it tries to do a job that is not capable of doing.

It does it’s best but still constantly swerves off the road, bumps into things, and basically hasn’t a clue where it’s going.

My daughter’s case is easy because she accepted that she has to wait.

Our mind is far more stubborn however and keeps trying… keeps insisting….and consequently keeps running us off the road.

Well, sometimes with powerful moon alignments…. the “energy” of the situation… is more obvious, more clearly seen.

You might find yourself relying more so on the energy… your intuition…. rather than your mind’s fixed and unwavering plans.

I am constantly shocked with how my life unfolds… so far outside what I could have ever predicted… yet always making sure to touch on… and bring forth my heart’s true desires.

In such round about ways my life twists, turns, and transpires…

These days…

Letting go is the only option.

Going with the flow is the only way to sustain any semblance of happiness.

The mind will rant and wail…. throw tantrums and spin in circles.

But that is not always indicative that you have made a wrong turn.

Follow the energy.

Go with what feels right… light… and the appropriate next step.

Your intuition will NEVER steer you wrong 🙂

With love and appreciation,

I thank you for reading,

and wish you all the absolute best life has to offer