30 Day Meditation Challenge!

How The 30 Day Meditation Challenge Works 

#1. We all meditate every day for at least 20 minutes at whatever time is convenient for the individual.

#2. We all check in with each other every day… (on my daily instagram posts)

I will post a short “video update” on my INSTAGRAM page & you will comment indicating you completed your meditation.

#3. We start Saturday, May 20th

How To Participate

Simply follow me on Instagram => Victor’s Instagram Page

Or my Facebook page – Victor’s Facebook Page

Check in every day to comment that you have completed your meditation on the daily post.

Lastly, on those daily posts, feel free to share if you are having a hard time, have any questions, or to perhaps help someone else out who might be having troubles.

We are essentially meeting up each day to support one another.

What Meditation Should I Do?

There are no rules as far as that goes. Simply choose a meditation technique that you like.

If you are unsure feel free to do the one I am doing, “The Za-Zen Meditation”

This short video below explains how to do it.

I will be doing this 20 minutes in the morning & also 20 minutes in the evening.

That’s all folks!

Welcome aboard!

Best of luck,