5 – Ways To Identify A SOULMATE When You Meet Them

5 ways to identify a soulmate when you meet them

Finding your soulmate, or should I say… ONE of your MANY soulmates, is becoming more common place these days. (2017)

I had lunch with one of mine just yesterday!

I could tell the first time we spoke on the phone that this guy was someone from my soul family.

Today’s post is going to describe HOW I was able to identify him as a soulmate.

5 – Ways To Identify A SOULMATE When You Meet Them – (even over the phone)


When you interact with someone from your soul family in any way, there will be an unmistakable resonance. What I mean exactly is that you will experience the sensation that you are both ONE thing… one person.

The “sense of separation” is noticeably reduced and you’ll find that you both are simply, very compatible.

I realize this sounds a bit abstract, but those of you reading this know what I mean 🙂

Here’s one way to look at it.

When you walk into a busy store. You know how it is… Everyone is high strung and racing around with their own agendas… You can FEEL that. There is a “heaviness” to that energy.

With a soulmate, it’s the polar opposite experience.

It’s like a breath of fresh air and you’ll be blown away that another person can feel so nice to be around!

#2. EASE

When I was on the phone with this guy, even though it was the first time we had spoken, there was a noticeable EASE to the conversation.

There was no “feeling out” process… no need to be on guard or put up any sort of persona. Both of us could simply be ourselves… fully... and it felt great!

The interaction was just very light… effortless… natural.


I know many of you are highly sensitive… very EMPATHIC individuals.

Most of the time, other people take away from your energy… right?

You naturally give a lot of yourself, and while that’s very sweet of you, that generosity is rarely reciprocated.

When you are hooking up with one of your soul peeps.. it’s the OPPOSITE.

There is a synergy and you ENERGIZE each other..

What you experience is a legitimate relationship… 2 parts of ONE whole. There is no battle of wills or dominant force.

You BOTH benefit… you both walk way feeling very good, upbeat, and happy!

Oh my goodness, what a feeling!

This is perhaps the most noticeable indicator of all.

#4. LOVE

Even though I have only spoken to my friend over the phone, one time… and as of yesterday, had one quick lunch… I already have a very strong love for him.

After getting off the phone, that first time, as I sat to process what had just occurred, I noticed something interesting. I noticed that I felt towards him… a brotherly love.

This is not something I thought about… rather it was me identifying the feelings that came up inside quite naturally.

So if you find that you have feelings… a LOVE for someone that doesn’t make sense or seems premature… that’s another sign.

What happened is…

Our souls recognized one another and though we can’t recall our past, mentally, or consciously, there is a deep part of us that still remembers.


One phone call… maybe about 20-30 minutes had a HUGE impact on me.

The impact went far beyond the words that were spoken. It was so heavily layered I could write a whole other post all about it.

When you meet a soulmate, there is always a reason for it.  This meeting of mine, and the meeting you will have is planned. There is a purpose.

I am trying to find the words to convey what I am trying to say but it’s tough. I suppose I am still processing our interaction myself.

Soulmates often intersect to help catalyze one another’s life and spiritual progress.

You are family… in the truest sense of the word and like a good brother, sister, mother, father, or lover… you are there to help each other.

In Conclusion:

As you can see there are only positive and many times even, life changing affects of crossing paths with your soulmate.

I belive this happens regardless, but many people aren’t aware and there for don’t take full advantage of the situation.

It is my hope that this short read will assist you in identifying the MANY soulmates that cross your path so you can really benefit from and revel in the truly transcended experience they have to offer.

Until next time,

Your pal,


PS If you want to meet my new friend, I had him on my recent Spiritual Awakening VLOG.

Let me know if you can see the resonance 🙂