The #1 Manifestation BLOCK – (& How To Lift It)

manifestation & how to manifest anything with the law of attraction

Manifestation is possible. (We all FEEL it)

However, as it turns out, it’s not quite as simple as demonstrated by mainstream sources such as, “The Secret.”

That doesn’t mean you should give up though. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I threw in the towel before the miracle happened.

I did this because I was hung up… I had a, “manifestation block” that I would bet many of you can relate with.

I don’t know about you, but when I first watched, The Secret… I felt it!  I really resonated with what they were saying.

Pretty much the very next day I created a complex vision board. Every morning I would meditate and sit in front of that thing… focusing my thoughts & intensions… and waiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I was able to get very deep into the visualization state. I even experienced a ton of synchronicity that pertained to what I was attempting to manifest.

However, that energy never became grounded physically into the things I wanted. (At the time I really wanted to move out to California)

In my own failed attempts however I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. (Often the case with our “mistakes”)

I realized that I was blocking the flow… blocking what I wanted.

Basically, I discovered that I was too desperate… to needy.

I became disgusted with my present circumstance and would lose myself in my “visualizations” which became a means of escape.

I completely invalidated what the universe had presented to me in the present and kept my thoughts, intensions, and mind far off into the distant future.

At this point I basically gave up and decided to abandon, what I concluded to be B/S law of attraction technique.

Ironically during this time thing started to finally work for me.

I realized that my expectations of precisely how the manifestation process works was limiting my success. I had the notion that it was going to go down in a particular way and when it failed, I became frustrated and as I mentioned above, desperate.

It was when I stopped “longing for the future” & started to accept my NOW… that I was able to bust through this big block.

I was trying to skip over the journey…. Instead of walking the path, abundant with exciting discoveries, gems of wisdom, and personal evolution… I was insisting on taking a jet to my point of desired destination.

However that “skipping over” that I thought was ideal, is what messed me up.

I realized that to lift this block, I had to validate what was happening in my life NOW… I had to get back into a state of gratitude for what I already had.

Sure I was waking up to grey skies and freezing cold weather, but I had a beautiful wife and 3 amazing children.

Yet, my incessant focus into the future caused me to forget all of that. It colored my reality very dark, but that was my choice.

Well, in the end I made it out to California and became quite good and fast at manifesting what I want. In fact, as we speak I am traveling all around the country, totally free and untethered by the constraints that once held me down.

In this video I explain in detail precisely how I was able to overcome this manifestation block so that you may have the same success I did.