How To Find Your Purpose NOW – (A Short Cut)

how to find your purpose

Do you know your purpose? Your destiny? Why you came?

If not, then I know how those questions can drive you mad! They can keep you up at night because you KNOW that once you find the answers that hole in the center of your chest will be filled.

We live in a time where many people are waking up… going through a spiritual awakening.

After going through this process a little while, the notion of finding your purpose becomes more and more and MORE important.

The problem is that it’s not easy.

Well, in retrospect… it IS easy, but our perception can become so clouded that even though our purpose has been staring us in the face all our lives, we can still easily overlook it.

I want to help you find yours by sharing what I learned from my own search.

Like many of you, I was firmly established in a career & life that, (I didn’t mind). This caused me to be complacent for a long while, avoiding that inner calling.

Eventually that inner calling.. that drive to find my purpose became louder.

It started to wreck havoc in my life and it seemed like the walls were closing in on me. They were!

I eventually found myself out of a job, plummeting into financial debt, and that inner calling was screaming at me!

What the heck am I here for? What is it!?

For me… it was a bit of a process to find my purpose.. my new career and life path, but having found it, I see how much easier it could have been.

In this video I aim to provide you with a bit of a shortcut.

In fact, I bet that I will be able to have you KNOWING your purpose by the end of the video.

There is a part of you that already has a good idea and the purpose of this video is to point you into the direction that perhaps you have been avoiding looking in.