Happy Solstice! – (ENERGY REPORT) – “A Gust Of POSITIVE Energy”

summer solstice 2017

Finally, a breath of fresh air 🙂

More specifically… a gust of positive… yet POWERFUL energy is sweeping in today.

A good way to describe today’s Solstice is by calling it an… “opening.”

Many of us have been through the ringer this last few months.

There has been a deep, collective purge going on.

Today is a turning point however, and a great time to give yourself a pat on the back and set your eyes forward with hope, optimism, and EXCITEMENT!

I will be perfectly honest…

Most of you know by now that I frequently create “Energy Reports”… to this day I don’t know how it works, but for whatever reason I am able to tap in and share a message in regards to the “present energy.”

Sometimes I will purposely avoid making a report because I pick up that it’s going to be a rocky time…

However, on rare occasions I find myself bursting with excitement because I feel it’s going to be insanely positive.

Today is one of those times 🙂

Here are 3 completely awesome themes for this Solstice Period…

1. Adventure!

Letting go of BIG things in our lives can be scary, difficult, and even sad.

However, what always swoops in to replace the tiresome load is always awesome!

Not only is it awesome but… this awakening…. or more specifically, the positive manifestations that result from the awakening… have an intense quality of excitement.

A feeling that is tough to capture in words but we all have felt.

I felt this when I sold my home last year.

It was rough… there were MANY struggles associated with the “life clean up” process… but…

When we finally hit the open road, feeling LIGHT…. and BURSTING with anxious anticipation for the unknown future… it was magic!

We were on a freaking adventure man and it was so exhilarating!

Getting there took a lot of effort… but it was well worth it.

What does your future look like?

I’d imagine, many of you have no idea!


I feel like many of us are just starting to embark on a new adventure and will experience that feeling I described in some way 🙂

2. Support –

I’m working with a guy right now and for a while he was really puzzled.

Just like me, he was faced with the delimma of doing what he’s always done…

(in terms of a career)

or straight up, diving off the cliff into the unknown abyss, in hopes of finding something awesome.

He went back and forth for a while…. as many of us do…

He had no plan, no back up, and nothing to safely rely on…. but….

He FELT that it was time.

He felt that it was HIS time…

He could SENSE that his current life was decaying before him….

Though he never conjured up a safety net, he said, F- it… and jumped!

Would you believe that within a few days he had a DREAM?

I had chills listening to this man describe this dream… or more accurately put… experience.

He had a glimpse of his future… .

A future that none of us could have ever come up with because it’s brand new… a totally bad ass & innovative idea for something that would be an immense help to many people, founded upon his most charished passions.

So he was deep in this dream, abundant with the bliss associated with this extremely ideal vision of his future.

At the very end of this dream he heard a voice.

A LOUD & CLEAR voice…

It said…

“Build It”

Then he woke up.

THAT is what happens when you follow your heart…

You’re supported.

That dream would have never happened if he continued clinging to the old… yet once he let go…


That’s how it’s done.

3. A New You

Getting things… doing things… chasing things… longing for things, situations, careers, relationships, etc… is FUN.. it’s part of life.

However, an often overlooked and possibly even way more profound blessing connected to the pursuit of those things… is the metamorphosis we go through along the way.


You have changed… a lot.

You are changing…. fast!

You will continue to change and increasing speeds!

Life is magical, divine, and abundant with an infinite amount of potentiality.

You ARE riding this wave already.

Where it’s taking us…. nobody knows.

But that’s the fun part 🙂

Keep on rocking!

Talk to you soon,



PS… (About the Ascension Fitness Program)

In my last email I posed the idea of me creating a fitness and nutrition program specifically for sensitive, empathic individuals going through the physically demanding awakening process.

I am happy to announce that I was overwhelmed with excited responses…

Literally, hundreds of people responded with incredible enthusiasm… I was blown away.

So let’s do it!

I’m down.

I need your help though.

Many of you know I was a personal trainer for a decade of my life and have experience helping people achieve fitness goals… BUT

You all are a highly unique and difficult to categorize, demographic. (Which is why I love you!)

But… I want to do this right, so I could really use your input in helping me understand exactly what you want out of this…

I created a simple survey and if you have a few minutes it would really help me make this program perfectly suited to meet your needs…

You can fill it out here ===>> Ascension Fitness Survey

Thank you very much 🙂

I will keep you posted.

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