June New Moon (Energy Update) – “VERY Powerful”

ascension 2017 new moon

There is a LOT of energy right now!

I imagine you’re all feeling this in some way.

Whenever there is a big PUSH from the universe, as we are now experiencing, the affect is always very individual.

The common denominator however is speed & intensity.

I suspect this has to do with the close proximity of the recent new moon on the 23rd/24th & the summer solstice.

In this email I will break the new energy we are all processing…

#1. It Will Wake You Up – (Undeniable Realizations)

This is VERY positive, but it can sometimes be difficult to admit hard truths about ourselves.

For example, last night I had a very vivid dream…

I’ll spare you the incoherent and personal details… but the crystal clear message to me was that I have been unconsciously favoring my daughter over my middle son…

My son Lukas has been acting out lately and the dream helped me realize it’s because he’s older now and needs/wants more attention.

Admitting that to myself is very hard though because it causes me to feel really guilty.

However only in taking responsibility for that fact am I able to change the situation.

What are you “waking up” to in your life?

What positive changes you can create from those realizations?

These discoveries are a massive blessing… even if sometimes they come initially, in the form of an elephant sized pill to swallow.

#2. You Are Changing FAST –

As our vibration raises…

We… our whole self… on all levels, changes.

It’s not like we are experiencing local changes, one piece at a time… rather we are constantly changing at the core.

This is causing us to to re-invent ourselves over and over.

For a brief period this can catch us off guard though. (the need to change)

We might be carrying out a particular life pattern that…. all of a sudden… no longer works.

Here’s a quick personal example of what I am trying to say…

I experience this phenomenon all the time with my diet.

I will discover a new way of eating…maybe a schedule, or a new set of foods I consume every day… and for a time, I feel fabulous!

The switch will feel so in sync and appropriate.

I might eat with this same pattern for months and then all of a sudden, the way it affects me, shifts on a dime.

Instead of feeling energized and uplifted, I will feel sluggish.

I might even find that I no longer even like the taste of these foods.

This is initially perceived as an inconvenience because it implies that I have to look, yet again, into the unknown and configure a new diet strategy.

But this (constant renewal) keeps life fresh and exciting!

Most of us are resistant to change to an extent but ironically, simultaneously long for adventure, passion, excitement, joy, and fun.

Apparently we can’t have both!

What I have learned over the years…is to recognize when something is no longer a fit… accept it right away, and then let it go ASAP.

Every time… without fail… something BETTER always take it’s place.

#3.”Good” Fatigue – (i’ll explain)

Sometimes a big influx of new energy can really tire us out.

Overall, it’s so positive though that I always try to frame it in an upbeat light.

When we get these bursts of energy… sometimes we have intense moments of break through, which of course feels amazing! – but afterwards we may feel run down for a few days.

I feel that way currently, but I know it’s a temporary… and in a few days I will ground the new insights, breakthroughs, and awesome ideas with an end result of a noticeably upgraded life.

***Quick Update – (It’s now the following morning… as I edit this email… I ALREADY feel great!)

I don’t often get run down from the energies anymore… so when I do, I know it’s very intense.

The point of me mentioning this is to invite you to see the big picture which allows the possibility of framing the transient fatigue symptoms as something totally awesome!

It’s like training a muscle.

A good workout causes a temporary “breaking down” of the muscle tissues, which can produce soreness and fatigue the following day… but a few days beyond that… the muscle heals and is stronger than ever before!

My personal training clients would always get very excited when the woke up sore because they knew it must have been a very productive workout.

They found a way to attach benefits to the struggle of making it up the stairs due to their sore legs!

In fact, many of them would feel concerned if they weren’t sore the day after a workout.


Final Thoughts…

Big waves of energy like this can provide us with LIFE CHANGING self realizations.

However, they won’t necessarily manifest unless we do the work and ground them into our reality.

Just like a dream…

When you wake up, it’s so clear and obvious… yet as the day progresses, it becomes harder and harder to recall until finally… it’s all but gone.

Not if you write it down!

As I was writing this a second ago I was going to use my dream as an example, but I realized that I can still recall it perfectly…. (because I wrote it down right away)

More so, after writing it down… below the dream summary, I plotted a plan of action, a way to practically implement the insight.

So… with that said.. I gotta go!

I have a baseball date with my son Lukas 🙂

Talk to you soon,



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