July Energy Update – (Revving At A HIGHER Vibration)

Hey everyone!

This is going to be an Energy Update for July…

Already I can feel that the July energy is SUPER intense… but in a totally different way than June.

Let’s dive in 🙂

#1. BIG Plans But NO Time or Energy

June was a psychically charged month.

I had a lot of fascinating reports from my viewers about cool experiences they were having.

I had some interesting ones as well 🙂

Many of us came out of June having a much clearer picture of…

  • Who we want to be
  • Where we want to go
  • What we want to create
  • What kind of life we truly want to experience

Perhaps even more exciting is the growing faith that we have the potential to make it all happen…


Now we find ourselves in July totally stretched to the max with what feels like ZERO time and even less energy.

This ultimately GREAT news and I’ll tell you why…

The universe always has an underlying motive of personal transformation when seeding our minds with ideas, goals, and heart centered desires.

Universe –

“Hey, how does this sound?” (Grand Idea, Goal, Vision, etc)

Your response is like…

“OMG….Yes, Yes, YES!”

Universe –

“Good, now that I have your attention… I’m going to bring to your awareness MANY things to work on so that you can transform yourself into the person capable of manifesting those dreams.”

Feeling Pressed For Time –

Are you spending your time as wisely as you could be?

What are you doing that is NOT in alignment with your goals and highest ideals?

The universe will sometimes put time constraints on us because we are doing things out of alignment. When our life is properly aligned with our true selves… there is perfect timing.

What could you cut out of your life that would free up some time?

Feel Overwhelmed & Drained Of Energy –

Sometimes overwhelm is simply a result of many big life changes happening all at once.

Life is speeding up, or rather, our experience of life is going faster. There is MORE happening in the little moment to moment frames of our existence.

This is sometimes a bit chaotic but always tapers off so we can adjust.

As far as fatigue goes… I talk frequently about the MANY different causes for fatigue during the ascension process, but one of them, and I think this is the case now, is this…

Sometimes we will feel extra drained when doing anything out of alignment with the path we came to walk.

This could be something simple like watching too much television at night or it could show up at your job, in your relationships, and other more inconvenient areas of your life.

Regardless, we all naturally move away from time wasting and energy draining activities.

In doing so, we’ll free up that precious time and energy so that we can get moving forward toward our dreams 🙂

#2. Letting Go Of DEEP Layers of Conditioned Patterns

You’ll likely start to notice the ego patterns of other people in a more obvious way.

Including yourself.

This is also good because…

The awareness of patterns that were once unconscious within you is the first step to the transcendence of them which always leads to a lighter, brighter, and happier life.

A couple days ago I took my daughter charter fishing.

The boat captain was running late and about midway through the fishing trip he explained that we would not be getting back at the time we were supposed to.

As a result, I had to quickly reschedule a bunch of my coaching clients last minute which I hated to do.

This experience brought to light something that I have been doing as long as I can remember.

I realized how tense I was about the idea of “being late.” What was even more shocking was the realization that the tension is pretty much ALWAYS there.

I have been walking around with a subtle, yet now very obvious tension… a state of underlying worry… constantly!

I see now it was because my father was always extremely strict about me being late.

If I was even 1 minute late he would go nuts.

For that afternoon I was fretting big time… so much that I was barley able to enjoy the fishing experience.

I saw just how much this tension was causing me to miss out on the joy in my life.

Even though this was difficult to process initially, the eventual outcome was a massive RELEASE of that burden.

The realization that the state of worry was learned and isn’t required to be on time, set me free!

I suspect many will have an opportunity to release layers of that magnitude within themselves which is massive blessing.

Lastly, another theme this month will have to do with relationships, but I will save that for the Full Moon update this weekend.

Overall, this is a GREAT month.

At the end of the month you can expect to be much lighter and revving at a MUCH higher vibrational frequency.

In a more tangible sense you will start to realize in a very deep way that you truly ARE on the right path and have been this entire time.

You will also start to see more of the details of this path which will fill you with excitement!

We are in good spot right now folks,

I will be in touch,



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