How To Make Sense Of CONFUSING Synchronicity

Last night I was taking a sip of wine and I felt something solid in my mouth.

It was a fly! yuck 🙂

I knew INSTANTLY what the message was.

I bet you’re thinking that it was a sign that I shouldn’t be drinking wine…


I am tormented by black flys in ways you wouldn’t believe anytime I’m at odds with myself.

At that particular juncture of the day and my life… the glass of wine was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I have been working so hard, so fast, and as a result I am so tired.

I haven’t been taking nearly enough time for fun and joy.

The fly was saying exactly this…


“Part of you KNOWS that it’s perfectly fine, and in this case IDEAL… to relax and enjoy a couple glasses of wine with your wife.”


“you’re also putting out there that it’s wrong, you’re being lazy, and shouldn’t be doing it.”

I had an internal conflict about the issue and consequently prevented myself from enjoying the experience.

In such subtle ways we can BLOCK ourselves.

Most of the time the block is nothing external to us, rather our own mixed feelings or unexamined beliefs.

A lot of time, the state of being we associate with a future circumstance is actually possible right NOW.

I was plowing forward with tunnel vision in pursuit of a future scenario when I could relax.

Yet that mindset left unchecked would prevent me from ever reaching it.

I can see now that there was a lot of joy in my life that I completely missed. I suppose that explains phenomenon of nostalgia.

My mission is to never feel nostalgic again!

I would rather prefer to extract the potential joy in every moment.

Can you relate to any of this?

Is there a potential for joy right now, even in your imperfect life?

As I look up from my laptop right now on this quiet morning I notice many things that a few minutes ago I didn’t.

I hear birds chirping away… My cat is meowing for some reason lol.

The energy is peaceful and still.

The sun is peaking through the clouds providing me with just enough warmth to contrast the cool breeze.

I am breathing.

I am alive.

Do you ever get signs that suggest to stop and smell the roses?

Or to help you realize that you are putting out conflicting signals?

It took me a long time to figure out what those black flys were trying to say to me.

Hopefully this email can help you decipher your own synchronicity a little better.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Be in touch,


Your pal,


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