Are You Ready For August? (ENERGY UPDATE)

Let the show begin..

Time To Step Up (The Leaders Awaken)

When I say, “leaders,” I’m implying every one of you.

I believe this month you’ll notice, more than ever… why you came.

Not so much specifically, but in a general sense.

It’s one thing to read that the vibrations are raising and the earth is ascending.

It’s another thing all together to witness it first hand.

You’ll see it in yourself, in the people in your life, and out there on the world stage.

There may be a sense of “collective panic.”

You might also realize that in spite of how things look, you possess an internal calm.

A few weeks ago I was watching my kids play in the pool.

My 8 year old is a fish and an extremely strong swimmer, but my 3 year old is timid of the water.

On the opposite side of the pool, my wife and I were talking to these people we met.

Like a hawk, I had a close eye on my son who was sitting on the steps that gradually became deeper and led you into the full pool.

There was a point when he tried to catch a ball or something and slipped into the deeper end, just above his head.

In the exact millisecond of that splash, I KNEW what had happened and exploded up to my feet.

My consciousness shifted instantly and like a lion I sprinted over to that edge of the pool, taking only a fraction of a second to break down the situation.

I assessed that my arms weren’t long enough to grab him from the side.

In my full clothing, Iphone in my pocket, I jumped right in to get him.

I have only experienced that state of consciousness a few times in my life.

I was reminded that when something big goes down, as much as my mind dreads the possibility, I get into “the zone.”

I’m not talking so much about being connected vs disconnected… this is a whole other zone I’m referring to.

In the proverbial zone, I was calm, alert, and able to do what’s needed to be done with ZERO hesitation.

There was no fear, panic, or worry… just the right action at the right time.

I am not implying that I am sensing anything major, not at all, but I believe that many of us will become aware of our ability to stay calm within collective unrest.

You Came For This (Intensity)

Astrologically… August will be a real whopper.

I would expect an intensification in almost every aspect of the awakening.

Just an example…

Many of you know I had a kundalini awakening nearly a decade ago.

For a while after, I’d experience strong and almost disorienting rushes of energy all throughout my body.

Up until the other day, it had been years since I felt anything like that.

A few days ago, as my family and I were driving to Slide Rock, in Sedona… my heart started racing… like SUPER fast… for no discernible reason.

I was just sitting there in the passenger seat looking out the window.

I was so caught off guard that for a couple seconds I felt a lot of panic energy. Like, OMG what the heck is happening to me?!!

Then I remembered to just relax… and once I did, the energy made it’s passing, my heart calmed down, and I felt GREAT!

Something inside told me that experience wasn’t so much about me…

I had the sense that this was going to be a very energetically charged month that people will feel.

What happened to me in the car would have totally freaked most people out but I was as cool as a cucumber.

I hear similar stories from YOU guys each and every day.

Stories just like that and even far more extreme.

What is so interesting is… how relaxed you are when you express these things to me.

“Yeah Vic… I saw a UFO… had a kundalini awakening at the grocery store… talked to my spirit guides… picked up on my neighbors bad mood from across the street… had a total emotional breakdown, etc.”

“Oh… and then I finished my cup of coffee and made my way to work.”

Just another day!

You all possess that same instinct of calm.

When things get tough… you get calm, cool, and collected.

That is a VERY special trait to have… and you all have it.

“Victor! – Why am… “I” …going through this?”

Because you can handle it… Period

You came here to experience the intensity of the ascension and not waver, fold, crumble, or fret.

You came to exist during this time of transformation to make the transition easier on those who can’t handle it on their own.

So it begins 🙂

PS. I didn’t mention that I also feel August will be INCREDIBLY POSITIVE for you and anyone else on this awakening path.

I think it will be down right magical and super awesome to a degree that has yet to be experienced.

I will talk more about that aspect later this week with my video update, but I felt that the message above was more important to convey at this particular time.

You guys all rock!

Thank you for being you.

I could not have imagined a more unique, special, and amazing group of people to work with.

Have a great one 🙂



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