Why “Intense Doubt” Is Actually A GREAT Sign

Did you know that I experience self doubt all the time?

Do you know what I do when I’m feeling it?


No… not really 🙂

BUT.. I have come to see it as a POSITIVE indicator.

During the course of your awakening journey there will likely be times when you experience VERY intense self-doubt… (because you’re more sensitive now)

What’s fascinating is that this usually happens right before a major BREAK THROUGH… or is an indication that you’re on the right path.

Either way, it’s good news.

I was talking to one of my clients the other day, and our conversation is a great example of this situation playing out.

She shared that she made the decision to enroll in nursing school.

The day she enrolled she said she felt very positive and optimistic.

However, during our conversation she confessed that she was feeling a lot of self doubt, which made her question her decision.

The doubtful feelings rose up into her mind and eventually transitioned into rationalizations as to why the decision might have been a poor one.

You know how that can go.

After listening closely to her situation, I responded with a simple question…

I asked…

“How do you feel when you envision yourself as an actual nurse?”

“Beyond the schooling… how does it feel to BE a nurse?”

Her energy changed immediately.

I could feel her light up over the phone!

It was very clear to me that nursing was her calling.

I wanted to share that with you because it’s a perfect example of how doubt is heavily related to forward life progress… often times instigated by the nudges of your awakening soul.

Its actually very common for us to make big life decisions from a place of spiritually heightened clarity and confidence… and then end up doubting ourselves afterwards.

The journey towards our dreams tends to stretch us way outside of our comfort zone… hence the frequent doubts.

However, that is an indication that you are leading a life worth living!

It means you are breaking out of that old paradigm of passivity and illusory safety and going for something truly exciting and satisfying.

Good for you!

Ironically, as you get closer to the big pay off…. the doubts can flair up more intensely than ever.

However, the intense doubt is an indicator that you’re getting close 🙂

It means you are on the right track.

It implies that, not only, are you moving towards your highest excitement… but you are transforming yourself along the way.

In this video I share a really great example of how intense self doubt kept me awake all night…. right before accomplishing one of my BIGGEST DREAMS. (moving my family to San Diego California)

This goal was many years in the making and I was days away from finally going 🙂

My house was sold and all that was left were a few remaining boxes and our mattresses to sleep on.

A couple nights before we finally left I was blasted with what felt like, PARALYZING doubt energy.

a few days later…

We made it!

I’m honestly getting choked up as I re – live this story.

The joy I feel is indescribable.

It is my sincere hope that you never let doubt keep you from pursuing the dreams that emerge from the depths of your heart.

Talk to you next week 🙂



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