The Dark Night Of The Soul – (Everything You Need To Know)

the dark night of the soul

In this post, I’ll share 7 important things to know about the dark night of the soul.

Before we get into that…. do you know if you’re going through it?

If not, then watch this video first…

=> SIGNS You’re Going Through The Dark Night Of The Soul <=

If you have reason to believe that you are in fact experiencing the dark night of the soul… then these 7 things will surely help 🙂

1. It’s A Healing Crisis – emphasizing both words!

During the dark night you’ll heal… A LOT, in a short span of time.

Consequently, it’s also quite a doozie of an experience!

Focus on the outcome which is unspeakably profound…

After The Dark Night You Will Be An…

  • Upgraded
  • Wiser
  • More Loving
  • Better In All Ways

Version of your previous self.

2. It’s A GREAT Sign Of Progress (i’ll explain)

Many people reach out to me with an attitude that I fully admit to once having.

It’s a, spiritual cockiness

This is common for someone who has recently started to experience some of the neat awakening signs for the first time but has yet to be humbled by the beast of an ego that has yet to present itself.

It’s a fleeting phase, the pink cloud is bound to wear off sooner or later, but when the dark night hits it can be a real whopper… a real buzz kill, if you will.

It can make you feel more “un-spiritual” than ever, but that’s a good thing because now you’re getting to the heart of awakening.

As you emerge out of it, (& you will)…you’ll regain what you think you lost, and realize those gifts in a deeper and more balanced way.

It’s a sign of progress… not regression.

It means you’re ready to really wake up.

3. It Tells You Lies

You can thank my wife for that strange and slightly off putting sentence.

She helped me create this list 🙂

What she means is that during this period you might find your thoughts are more insane than ever. Initially this can be quite disturbing until you realize they are not your thoughts.

They are the mad rantings of the ego, formally mistaken to be you.

It’s equally liberating as it is unsettling.

Just a forewarning…in the beginning it may seem… like they are your thoughts, but that will pass I promise.

4. It’s Not Only ONE Night…

Most of you have probably already realized this but in the event you haven’t than I suppose I’ll  be the one to be the bearer of bad news.

The thing is though.. it’s not really bad news.

Yes, this dark night phase can last longer than a single evening and occur multiple times, but the outcome is always the same…. a better version of yourself.

Also, once you go through this even one time.. you will become more enduring.

The dark nights will not faze you so much and you’ll start to view them in a true light…

The dark night is simply 1/2 of the equation… the other 1/2 being a… MASSIVE growth spurt.

5. Allow Your Former Identity To Fall Away

I realize that sounds odd.

What I mean is that you might find yourself pondering your identity during this time, as it’s suddenly not so clear.

Who am I?

I can see very clearly that I am not this, that or the other… but who then?!!!

It’s tempting to fight to re-create a new character but it too will be destined to fall away.

It’s best to just let go.

Let go into the boring, unsettling, and uncomfortable abyss.

If you can chill there even little while… the REAL you will start to emerge.

6. The Truth Hurts.. Initially… But Will Eventually Set You Free

People say ignorance is bliss but we all know it’s not.

Ignorance is a step above fear and pain, but not much.

Either way, you have no choice at this point… if you are going through the dark night of the soul than you’re going to see the truth like never before.

Initially the truth can be a tough pill to swallow.

The truth of the world you live in… the truth about the nature of human kind… and the truth about the darkness you hold within yourself.

It’s a lot.

BUT…. once you come to terms with all of that, and you will…. you’ll be free!

FREEDOM (thinking of Mel Gibson in the movie, Brave Heart right now :)… is the eventual outcome of this dark night of the soul.

Freedom is priceless… and you will have lots of it 🙂

7. This Too Shall Pass

This is more of a reminder.

I know it can be really rough to experience this, but it passes.. and when it does, you’ll be thankful.

Thankful because you will see the changes that have occurred.

The changes in your mindset, perspective, character, body, and basically every conceivable aspect of what you call, “yourself” will have transformed… improved… UPGRADED!

You’ll dust yourself off… look around and think…

“Ah…. NOW I see where this is going!” (big smile right about now)

Imagine the look in the eyes of a young child riding a bike for the first time without training wheels.

Freedom baby!

Freedom, accomplishment, empowerment, and joy.

That is what awaits you.

Have a great day folks 🙂



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