My Spiritual Awakening Story – (Before & After)

This is my personal spiritual awakening story.

You Can Watch The Video Here

I’ve never done this before… but I wanted to share it to give anyone out there who’s struggling some hope.

Not for the sake of making you feel better in the moment… but because your awakening situation, though sometimes dark… IS hopeful.

There really is MUCH to look forward to and the trials DO lead you somewhere unspeakably awesome.

In my recent energy update someone wrote this in the comment section…

(Notice the 134 likes)

I know EXACTLY how that person feels.

There were countless times I thought I’d made a HUGE mistake blindly following my intuition all over the place.

Sure, there were periods of connection and spiritual heights being reached, but the process would always seem to paint me into these ridiculous situations that made me want throw in the towel and question my sanity.

In the end… as I always knew deep down…. it worked out.

“It worked out.” – that’s not a very accurate way to describe the outcome actually.

My life situation, inner state of being, and relationships have TRANSFORMED in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Regardless of where you are when this email finds you….

you are ALL on the fast track of continual expansion.

Expansion of your consciousness… which implies a journey of frequent upgrading.

You will become more and more happy.

Your life will get better and better.

You will become more and more…

  • abundant
  • satisfied
  • serine
  • accepting
  • loving
  • compassionate
  • passionate

and in sync with the divine flow, which feels like “home.”

The path is far from linear though!

There will be many ups and downs and what “seem” like detours.

It’s like the path you are on is incredibly winding yet the ground where you stand continues to raise.

It’s very similar to this planet spinning at 1,000 miles per hour. We don’t feel it, but we see the sun coming up and going down.

You are raising your vibration and ascending very quickly… that is a constant.

For a time you might not see very much evidence to this fact, but there will come a day where you wake up… look around… and realize that you are living a brand new life.

You will realize that your dreams are becoming your actual physical reality.

You will realize that YOU did that. It’s YOUR creation…. your masterpiece.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens.

I hope you all have a great weekend,



​​​​​​​It is my sincere wish that my story gives you some hope…

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