April New Moon -2017

April’s New Moon is attempting to help you walk your path more fully…. with more confidence… and with less inner resistance. This report will address a few different themes you may be experiencing around the time of this new moon and also some tips to help you benefit from them. #1. Emotional Breakthrough –  You…

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How To Tell If Your Vibration Is RAISING – (3-Signs)

is your vibrational frequency raising?

Is your vibrational frequency “raising?” I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that if you are reading an article of this nature than… YES! However, here are 3 quick signs that can help YOU discover if your vibration is raising… increasing… becoming more refined, etc. Sign #1. Crazy Ups & Downs. Do…

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A Great Way To Ease OVERWHELMING Emotions

As each of you know very well… Your awakening… your ascent into greater awareness and sensitivity… creates an amplification of ALL of your emotions. The way beauty now has the capacity to penetrate your body to the point of tears. The way your heart swells when you recognize the depth of even the simplest good deed.…

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Is It Time To Move On? – (The Hermit Phase Of Awakening)

I remember what I like to call.. “The Hermit Phase” of awakening… This is a time where it feels very appropriate to withdraw from the “normal every day life” as much as possible and focus on… “inner growth.” I did this in sunny south Florida several years ago… At this time, I was doing a…

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