Happy Solstice! – (ENERGY REPORT) – “A Gust Of POSITIVE Energy”

summer solstice 2017

Finally, a breath of fresh air 🙂 More specifically… a gust of positive… yet POWERFUL energy is sweeping in today. A good way to describe today’s Solstice is by calling it an… “opening.” Many of us have been through the ringer this last few months. There has been a deep, collective purge going on. Today…

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How To Find Your Purpose NOW – (A Short Cut)

how to find your purpose

Do you know your purpose? Your destiny? Why you came? If not, then I know how those questions can drive you mad! They can keep you up at night because you KNOW that once you find the answers that hole in the center of your chest will be filled. We live in a time where…

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The #1 Manifestation BLOCK – (& How To Lift It)

manifestation & how to manifest anything with the law of attraction

Manifestation is possible. (We all FEEL it) However, as it turns out, it’s not quite as simple as demonstrated by mainstream sources such as, “The Secret.” That doesn’t mean you should give up though. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I threw in the towel before the miracle happened. I did this because I…

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Are We ALREADY In The 5th Dimension?

5d earth - 5th dimension

Most of you are aware that there is a BIG shift going on… an ascension… a dimensional jump! We know this because life has already started to come unglued quite a bit. Do you have synchronicity? – like all the time!? Me too. THAT in itself is pretty crazy if you ask me… and it’s…

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5 – Ways To Identify A SOULMATE When You Meet Them

5 ways to identify a soulmate when you meet them

Finding your soulmate, or should I say… ONE of your MANY soulmates, is becoming more common place these days. (2017) I had lunch with one of mine just yesterday! I could tell the first time we spoke on the phone that this guy was someone from my soul family. Today’s post is going to describe HOW…

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5 – Life Hacks That Will RAISE Your VIBRATION

5 Life Hacks To Raise Your Vibration

How to raise your vibration with these 5 – PRACTICAL “lifestyle adjustments.” This video will explain how making these (totally doable) lifestyle adjustments will dramatically raise your vibration. “Raise Your Vibration” – what does that imply? You hear that phrase quite often these days, but what does it mean exactly? My definition is this… To raise…

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30 Day Meditation Challenge!

How The 30 Day Meditation Challenge Works  #1. We all meditate every day for at least 20 minutes at whatever time is convenient for the individual. #2. We all check in with each other every day… (on my daily instagram posts) I will post a short “video update” on my INSTAGRAM page & you will…

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Is Your Inner Voice Becoming LOUDER?

Is your intuition becoming louder? More obvious? Like, now a days you pretty much always… KNOW what you should be doing? Sometimes we really are clueless… but MOST of the time… we KNOW what that next step is, but just don’t feel like doing it. Maybe it scares us… or contains risks…  is out of the norm…whatever… we stall, hesitate, and…

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April New Moon -2017

April’s New Moon is attempting to help you walk your path more fully…. with more confidence… and with less inner resistance. This report will address a few different themes you may be experiencing around the time of this new moon and also some tips to help you benefit from them. #1. Emotional Breakthrough –  You…

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Are You Feeling The Heat?

ascension energy april 2017

We are experiencing some very… whats a good word?…. PROVOCATIVE… Ascension Energy… right now. You can see… & FEEL it everywhere. Mostly in interactions between fellow human beings. – In the grocery store – In your own personal relationships – On FaceBook especially! Such heat… such disagreement… such competition… It seems that this energy basting…

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