5 – Life Hacks That Will RAISE Your VIBRATION

5 Life Hacks To Raise Your Vibration

How to raise your vibration with these 5 – PRACTICAL “lifestyle adjustments.” This video will explain how making these (totally doable) lifestyle adjustments will dramatically raise your vibration. “Raise Your Vibration” – what does that imply? You hear that phrase quite often these days, but what does it mean exactly? My definition is this… To raise…

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30 Day Meditation Challenge!

How The 30 Day Meditation Challenge Works  #1. We all meditate every day for at least 20 minutes at whatever time is convenient for the individual. #2. We all check in with each other every day… (on my daily instagram posts) I will post a short “video update” on my INSTAGRAM page & you will…

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Is Your Inner Voice Becoming LOUDER?

Is your intuition becoming louder? More obvious? Like, now a days you pretty much always… KNOW what you should be doing? Sometimes we really are clueless… but MOST of the time… we KNOW what that next step is, but just don’t feel like doing it. Maybe it scares us… or contains risks…  is out of the norm…whatever… we stall, hesitate, and…

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April New Moon -2017

April’s New Moon is attempting to help you walk your path more fully…. with more confidence… and with less inner resistance. This report will address a few different themes you may be experiencing around the time of this new moon and also some tips to help you benefit from them. #1. Emotional Breakthrough –  You…

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Are You Feeling The Heat?

ascension energy april 2017

We are experiencing some very… whats a good word?…. PROVOCATIVE… Ascension Energy… right now. You can see… & FEEL it everywhere. Mostly in interactions between fellow human beings. – In the grocery store – In your own personal relationships – On FaceBook especially! Such heat… such disagreement… such competition… It seems that this energy basting…

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How To Turn A Problem Into An Opportunity

Last Monday evening, I ate an entire box of girl scout cookies. Here’s the REALLY embarrassing part. At one point I realized I was being a complete fiend so I decided to throw the remaining 3-4 cookies in the garbage, outside. Moments later it was not so much a matter of “if”… but WHEN! We both…

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How To Tell If Your Vibration Is RAISING – (3-Signs)

is your vibrational frequency raising?

Is your vibrational frequency “raising?” I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that if you are reading an article of this nature than… YES! However, here are 3 quick signs that can help YOU discover if your vibration is raising… increasing… becoming more refined, etc. Sign #1. Crazy Ups & Downs. Do…

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How To Tap Into Your “Divine Creativity”

5 – Tips For Tapping Into Your “Divine Creativity”… on command…

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Awakening Hack – (Helpful Tip For Healing Your Emotional Body)

This awakening goes DEEP… Way deeper than I could have ever imagined. I am going to share a surprising discovery… an “ascension hack” if you will… that will help you with… not all… but A LOT of your deep emotional issues… The clarity of our ever expanding awakening is helping us make these surprising connections…

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5-Tips For Thriving In INTENSE Energy

The awakening process is pretty intense every single day… right? We don’t really get a “day off.” But there are times… wether it be a day or a couple weeks where we are REALLY stretched to our limits. There does seem to be astrological influence on our life experience and during certain alignments, such as last…

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